You Won’t Believe What the Dems Just Did to Mueller

They had to subpoena Mueller.

How sweet it is.

The same crazy Leftists who expected the Special Counsel to ride Trump out on a rail… and into jail… are reduced to forcing him to testify in Congress.

The same Mueller whose sprawling team produced zero leaks of the most coveted information in Washington over the course of a painstaking, overlong investigation.

The Mueller who didn’t say a peep about Trump himself, insisting that only his report would, could, and should speak for him.

The Democrats should have known Mueller would decline to testify. Maybe they did. Maybe they had to ask anyway, it was so painful to let their dream die all over again.



So they have to do the legislative version of dragging him into court.

What do they think will happen? Under the glare of the lights and the cameras, he’ll suddenly be all action? Have a personality transplant live on television?

Maybe they’ll spike his water with truth serum.

But even if they did, they’d get more of the same—nothing. Nothing beyond what’s in the report. That’s why it’s the report, so he doesn’t have to qualify and re-qualify, hedge and re-hedge, parse and parse again. So there’s some real, honest to goodness, no-BS finality to the investigation he oversaw… not because he wanted to, but because he was ordered to.

Just as he’s now being ordered to waste everyone’s time, including his own, in the hot seat. Watching in silence as powerless and humiliated lawmakers vent their impotent rage at the orange man who keeps on shattering their dreams.

The more rope Trump gives them to hang themselves, the more they keep on tugging. They still can’t believe it’s over… that their field of candidates is this pathetic, that the deep state couldn’t sink the president… all they have are their endless gripes, and the media to broadcast them.

What’ll they do for an encore? After Mueller once again disappoints, and the morose media people go back to their newsrooms?

It’s too horrible to contemplate. So they won’t. They’ll rail against the American people for being too stupid and evil to know what’s best.

And then they’ll double down on distractions. Pie in the sky proposals from their field of munchkin candidates. Fearmongering about wars Trump doesn’t want to start. Whatever gets them through the night.

They’re part of a culture where it’s normal to need medication just to survive your day. This political season is perfect for them.

Except for one thing.

You can only lose so much before you’re not allowed to play anymore.

Until one day someone subpoenas you.