Why We Need to Save the Border

The sun belt showdown is coming.

Why is there a crisis at the border? Why does an overwhelming majority of Americans either acknowledge it as a crisis or at least agree it is a problem?

Part of the reason is the facts. But that’s not all the reason.

There’s spin in both directions—set it all aside.

What can’t be spun or set aside is people. Individual human beings. Groups of them. Physical bodies in physical places.

They’re rushing up from the south, from Mexico and Central America, drawn by opportunity or shelter or family. Or the call of the centuries.

They’re also rushing down from the north. The Midwest and the Plains and even the East Coast and the San Francisco Bay, often drawn by better weather, but even more by cheaper living, and the same things as those crossing the border: opportunity taken away elsewhere, shelter from an increasingly oppressive environment, better prospects for family, and the deep allure of the frontier.


The sun belt is a magnet for the people who want to form the next America—white and Latino, Catholic and Mormon, working class and middle class.

From California’s Inland Empire to the vast suburbs of Texas, and throw in Florida for good measure, the sun belt is the most geographically and culturally important place in America.

The biggest cities are losing population even as they face housing crises and eye-watering economic inequality.

They are too expensive, too ugly, and too dangerous for normal people to become adults and form happy families. Places of isolation and fragmentation. Where whites have live in shoebox apartments smoking delivery marijuana and binging on trendy TV shows, Latinos have to clean the toilets, and the “diverse” elite lives large in a gilded bubble.

Normal people north and south of the border don’t dream of those kinds of lives. They don’t want a good, modest, full life to remain a crazy dream. They want to live it, now, before the opportunity to do so is whisked away by an elite that is turning every city into an evil blend of San Francisco and Tijuana.

But there’s only so much sun belt to go around. And borderlands are crazy places.

And it’s a political jump ball in much of the sun belt territory… with most states hovering uneasily in the purple zone.

Hence the approaching showdown.

The Left will stop at nothing to impose their form of rule on the borderlands. And the sun belt is still waiting on a savior… to win the battle that could decide the fate of the whole country.