Why We Need the “Space Force”

Bye bye Star Wars, hello Space War.

Pressured by China’s successful moon probe landing… and a new race by Beijing, Moscow, and others to militarize Earth orbit… Vice President Mike Pence is leading the charge to ensure the US rules above the heavens.

Many Americans still clearly remember life under the threat of nuclear annihilation… whether in the ’60s or the ’80s. Now new generations face the prospect of killer bots in space zapping machines—or people—on the ground.

Even India has demonstrated satellite-killing capabilities, intensifying the threat that America’s state of the art military technology and natural defenses against invasion could be rendered useless in just a few clicks of the mouse.

And predictably enough… not everyone in the US is on board with the idea of rising to the challenge.

The Left sees space spending as a big waste, or worse. They want that money to go to universal health care, universal free education, the works—not to the high tech weapons they think greedy old white men love to make and use.

NASA isn’t on Mike Pence’s page either. The bureaucratic scientists say the space race has already been won long ago, and their budget is best spent inching along toward increases in exploration and knowledge gathering.


What they don’t want to admit is that, however great America’s advantage on the surface of planet Earth, we can’t thrive surrounded by a bubble of enemy space technology. That new environment would totally transform the meaning of America… from a beacon to a bunker.

It would also turn war into something we hardly recognize… if we can even see it at all. The human face of America’s combat tradition would be gone. The airless clashes of machines, dealing blows with invisible data, would make us feel at the mercy of alien gods.

Instead of tuning in to see how our forces are doing, we’d pray to God our screens would light up when we turned them on… and hope whatever was happening up there wouldn’t suddenly plunge us into darkness.

No humans have ever had to face this kind of strategic threat. None have had to struggle to comprehend it. A full on space war would be a terrible thing to behold… and a terrifying thing to wage.

But the solution isn’t forced complacency. It’s a crash program to establish dominance before we have to fight tooth and nail for it.

America doesn’t want to wind up like the Rebel Alliance… desperate for an unlikely win… or like the Galactic Empire… a heartless despotism.

To save ourselves, we must master space before it masters us.