Why Obama Was a Failure, Even for Democrats

Did Obama do it?

That’s what Congressional Republicans want to know… even if they don’t yet know they do.

Right at the moment Democrats are deciding whether to push for impeachment, the GOP is closing in on an investigative strategy of its own—one that puts the Obama White House on trial.

Senator Chuck Grassley wants the Department of Justice to release the unredacted texts exchanged by a Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, the high ranking FBI officials on Mueller’s Russia probe team.

One such text claimed the “White House is running this”—meaning Obama and company.

Could “this” be the coordinated campaign within the government to force Trump from office?

In a recent interview, Obama advisor Ben Rhodes squirmed and stammered as he struggled to dismiss allegations that he and his team were behind the infamous “dossier” used to hype sensationalist Russia claims in the press… up to and including the so-called “pee tape” story.


Rhodes went so far as to claim that, while at the White House, he didn’t even know the FBI was spinning up an investigation.

But it’s already public knowledge that Obama’s re-election organization paid a cool million to the communications operators at Fusion GPS who commissioned the dossier and kicked off the media campaign around it.

The complicity of the Obama White House in The Trump witch hunt could tip the balance of probe versus probe in Washington—where Democrats want to investigate Attorney General Barr, Barr wants to investigate the FBI, and the Trump administration’s refusal to cooperate with Congressional Democrats’ effort to compel testimony and provide documents is likely to trigger a retaliatory impeachment attempt.

All while a presidential campaign is underway.

Right now, Biden is stomping his lesser rivals on the Left in the polls… and Trump is treating him as the front runner in an early preview of what a general election faceoff might look like.

But if the Obama White House is revealed to have been “running” the deep state Trump-whacking operation, what role will it turn out affable Uncle Joe played?

How will Biden’s moralistic campaign to “restore America’s soul” sound then?

How many Americans, if forced to choose between a guilty administration of elected officials and a guilty bureaucracy of unelected operators, would send Trump back to the White House?

And how much legitimacy could a Biden presidency have even if he won?

Barack Obama is still universally beloved among Democrats. But his legacy for his party could be one of complete disaster.