Why America is Now a Pro-Life Country

Nobody saw the new pro life movement coming.

But it’s here.

The critics are panicking. They’re gobsmacked state after state is passing the toughest anti abortion laws in living memory… Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, and Missouri, with Louisiana on deck, just for starters.

They’re so-called “heartbeat” laws, which ban abortion after the detection of a fetal pulse. And in some instances, they come with heavy penalties—10 to 99 years imprisonment, or no exception for rape or incest.

Some pro-lifers are already queasy. Pat Robertson has gotten on television to voice his objections and try to be the voice of reason. Politically minded critics say the pro-life movement is now at risk of getting so far ahead of itself that backlash will scuttle any new gains.

But there’s no denying that the intensity of pro-life sentiment across the country is far greater and deeper than imagined.

And it’s not, contrary to the blubbering critics, an exercise in patriarchy.


Alabama’s Governor, who signed the state’s new bill into law, is a woman. Female state legislators have been instrumental in advancing the cause. And polls consistently show that about half of women respondents—despite constant social pressure to say otherwise—support life over abortion.

The game has changed. For generations, the Left has organized its pro-abortion base in defense of Roe v. Wade, even though that decision was all but scuttled by the Supreme Court in its fractured plurality decision in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. That ruling offered up the “undue burden” standard for a right to abort—a hard to enforce and messy policy that opened the door to strong pro-life rules at the state level.

Now, legal abortion is being rolled back in a state by state tidal wave, and the Left fears the Court will now overturn Roe completely.

But with the state level pro-life movement on such a roll, the Left could find itself shattered in defeat even with Roe still nominally standing.

Because once enough women feel safe admitting they consider their own babies to be fully human, the Democrats’ playbook will be in tatters.

Abortion is the linchpin of identity politics. Without laying claim to “all women,” the Left will be stuck with mere ethnicity and sexuality—cold comfort when, of course, many racial minorities and non-heterosexual Americans are also pro-life.

If they start voting that way, what other ways will they quickly feel ready to vote?

It’s a potential avalanche in the making. Black Americans have the best case that abortion has been destroying their community and their culture. Latino Americans are still often pious enough Catholics to know the stakes. The list goes on.

And no Democrat running for President has an answer for them.

Life, as they say, comes at you fast.