Who’s Trump’s Next Target?

Socialist slog.

That’s what’s awaiting Americans who tune in right about now… in time for the first big Dem debate… to watch who’s going to win the race to face Trump.

The latest sign? Joe Biden’s team is admitting they don’t expect to win fast even if Joe holds on to remain the front runner going into the primaries. They say Iowa isn’t a must-win… and that New Hampshire usually goes with a local New England candidate.

This time there are two: Massachusetts’ Elizabeth Warren and Vermont’s Bernie Sanders.

That leaves lower profile states for Biden to scrape up en route to Super Tuesday… with California’s early primary throwing a new wrench into what’s otherwise set to be a dull race.

Biden is enough of a snooze this year that it’s hard to see how he would gain… or lose… much support. He might have a total senior moment on stage, but with fewer candidates at the podium, it’s likely more of the second tier candidates will chew up time infighting and Joe will stay above the fray.

But he’ll do that by mouthing the same Leftist platitudes that others will be shrieking. Beto, Kamala, Pete… they and the others will all be wailing at maximum volume about all the free stuff Americans need even though most Americans are tainted unto death by white supremacy.


Biden is doing his best to have it both ways too. He wants the same thing they all do… to keep the farce of identity politics going without losing their socialist brand. They’re betting that as long as they stay tax and spend Democrats, everyone will ultimately decide it’s business as usual, and the identity politics is just a perfume.

They’ll be uttering the lamest and most doctrinaire socialistic proposals right up until Election Day, hoping the older swing voters they seek won’t realize they take their marching orders from people who care more about pronoun inclusivity than they do about social entitlements.

It’s not the kind of race Joe wanted. But it’s the kind he’ll run. He knows he’s surrounded by Hobbits. And he knows this is his last chance. Plus, he’s sure that as soon as he gets the nomination, he’ll be able to run the race he wants.

But by then the socialist slog will have taken its toll.

And Trump will be orange, rested, and ready.