Who’s Taking over for Trump?

Neither Pence nor Haley. That’s the safe bet.

Neither of the two figures will lead the GOP after Trump is done.

The press wants to spin up an existential fight between them, using every Right-bashing concept in their toolkit.

They want a big rivalry because they want an “existential conflict over the soul of the Republican Party.” With Pence on the side of conservatives who “abandoned their principles” to become slavish members of the “cult” of Trump.

This is the team, the press says, that shows all the Right has ever wanted was power, a chance to “sniff the throne” no matter how immoral and irresponsible the king.

All the better that Pence is their longtime hate figure… a devout middle-American white family man.

Against all Pence embodies and represents, the press wants to elevate Haley, an Indian woman with establishment cred and safe, samey rhetoric about bringing people together no matter their differences.


Nothing Haley would ever say or do, apart from condemning Trump and becoming a Democrat, would ever be enough for the press. But that won’t stop them from pushing her as a voice of courage and decency in a party descending to the depths.

That won’t stop them from portraying her as living proof of how the Right hates everybody who isn’t like Trump or Pence.

So the stories are already hitting the papers about how both “camps” are growing increasingly “suspicious” of one another, even though Haley tweeted out a demand to end the scurrilous rumors… after the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial urging Trump to switch Pence for Haley.

The absurdity runs deep. What everyone knows is going unsaid by the press because they still don’t know what world we’re living in. It’s a world where not just the Trump/Haley conflict is phony… but the hype surrounding both is fake too.

Pence is classic VP material, not some new model of depravity. He isn’t the kind of president people on their Right are looking to succeed Trump.

Neither is Haley, who looks like a less interesting Tulsi Gabbard. Haley’s big credential is former ambassador to the United Nations. Who cares? She is at bottom a creature of party politics, with an image crafted to resonate in a world that no longer exists.

What voters on the Right want is not a dutiful administration man nor a corporate-style woman.

They want someone who can make good on what Trump so far hasn’t: a highly competent and vigorous leading man who won’t relent in grinding down and boxing out America’s adversaries… including the maniacs at home who want to junk our way of life.