Weinstein’s Trial United America for a Brief Moment

Weinstein—off the hook for $44 million?

Yes, there’s a criminal case against him that could bring stiff penalties for rape and other crimes… due up in September… but as of now, the infamous pig once beloved of Democrats from Clinton on down has reached a settlement of all outstanding civil lawsuits flowing from his tawdry conduct and the business bankruptcy that followed.

Nobody will be happy… but how long will they care?

The MeToo feminists are already gearing up to scream. They’re disgusted Weinstein could ultimately just cut a check and escape—escape discovery in court, escape more bad press, escape a reckoning with his many accusers, and escape back, you have to figure, into business.

And critics with conservative values are ready to agree that the feminists have a point. They look at men like Weinstein as soul-rotted rich losers who don’t deserve their wealth, power, or status.

Traditionalist men who vote Republican see Weinstein as a privileged secular Democrat whose type needs to be drained from America’s swamp. And Christian conservatives especially see Weinstein as a basically demonic figure responsible for the spread of sin and abuse into the very upper echelons of society.

With no one but his attorneys on hand to defend him… and one of them drummed out of the position he held at Harvard University, despite being African American… Weinstein won’t be rehabbing his reputation any time soon.


But that doesn’t mean he won’t eventually get right back in the saddle.

But that, in turn, doesn’t mean he’ll find his options badly diminished.

Because Hollywood itself is in big trouble… not because of bad behavior, but because people care less and less every day about its stars, its productions, its glitz and its spending power.

Hollywood doesn’t control the culture anymore… as Quentin Tarantino, who Weinstein made famous, now recognizes. His misty eyed look at the Manson-era passing of Old Tinseltown—Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood—concedes that the golden age ain’t coming back.

Tarantino’s own political views are now more attention-getting than his auteurship. Grilled by some nameless reporter on why Margot Robbie got so few lines in his film as Sharon Tate, Tarantino went instantly viral with his terse reply: “I reject your hypotheses.”

With so many Americans, especially men, ready and willing to say that aloud to the militant political correctness cops trying to control their every word and deed, Tarantino points the way to what’s going to replace Hollywood’s Leftist cultural cachet.

A world where Weinstein gets off the hook, sure—but one where, devoid of oxygen, he sinks to the bottom of the cultural sea.

Blub, blub.