War with Iran? Not on Trump’s Watch

Who, other than Trump, can take the world’s heat?

He’s charting a course between the peace-at-any-price loonies to his left and the war-crazy neocons to his “right.”

And he’s getting nothing but panic and criticism for his trouble… except among the still largely silent majority of ordinary Americans across the country. The people who actually trust him… or are just willing to try something new.

The old ways—flopping around between poorly executed wars and poorly conceived appeasement—are all so unsuccessful that no presidential candidate wants to defend them.

All those neocons have no champion, despite their perpetual buzz about fielding a primary challenger to Trump. And the clown car full of Democrats is desperate to talk about anything but foreign policy, because they have none.

But that hasn’t stopped the media and its Beltway enablers from stoking wild fears around Trump’s efforts to get Venezuela and Iran out of the enemy column and on to safer terrain.

They say he’s too dumb and impulsive to stop his war-happy advisors from getting embroiled in conflicts there. Yet day in and day our he’s the steady hand, keeping the pressure on without making a Bush of himself.


The freakout wing in Washington really thinks Trump is about to March 125,000 men into Iran—an obvious idiocy that Trump readily denies—because the New York Times reported on a routine contingency plan from the Pentagon that shouldn’t be dragged around in public anyway.

They really think Trump is about to crash the world economy by playing tough with China and holding them to their word, even though the world economy is already garbage with the notable exception of the US, and Trump’s tariffs have knocked China on its backside while imposing minimal costs at home.

And the critics really can’t stand that Hungary’s nationalist leader Victor Orban is welcome at the White House. They say Orban is all but a Nazi, while in reality his party is to the left of the far right party in Hungary.

And they look right past the geopolitical reality—that Hungary, like Turkey, Italy, and other NATO allies, are all moving far afield of the liberal progressive “consensus.” Want NATO to work? We have to work with NATO countries.

Then to top it all off there’s Russia, where Trump has kept the pressure on far more than Obama did despite having to weather a scatological blizzard to do so. Now Trump is giving Putin another chance to right the ship or pay more consequences… because, as even Trump’s worst Deep State foes now admit, China is the real paramount threat.

There are only so many nations to go around, weenies—a President has to do his best for America with the world he’s given.

That’s Trump’s message. But the critics, who don’t even like nations and wish they could all just go away, are too weak to hear it.

That’s why he’s leading… and they’re whining on the sidelines.