Trump’s Presidency Has Proven Just How Deep “The Swamp” Is

How deep is the sleaze?

How high does it reach?

Democrats are obsessed with the idea that President Trump was caught in flagrante delicto by the Russians. The Left still dreams a “pee tape” will take him down.

But they have another theory—one with a new flurry of activity around it. Trump, they say, is sure to be all mixed up in the sordid affairs of billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

He’s the one notorious for keeping girls as virtual slaves… and for flying big wigs around on “the Lolita Express,” his private jet, often touching down on “Pedo Island”—not the official name of the place, but the one that stuck.

Of course, VIP number one on Epstein’s plane was none other than… William Jefferson Clinton.

So the depths of the right wing internet are abroil with theories that Epstein and Clinton plug directly into the so-called “Pizzagate” D.C. pedophilia ring conspiracy.


And now, an appeals court in New York City appears to be on the verge of unsealing documents… including depositions… in the last lawsuit to target Epstein’s dark empire.

In a weird twist, Alan Dershowitz—the Epstein lawyer connected by the online conspiracy brigades to both Trump and Clinton—wants the records unsealed… to prove he wasn’t a sex trafficker, even though he logged plenty of miles on Air Epstein.

All at the moment Hillary Clinton announced she’s officially a no-on on another White House run.


There’s no way to puzzle your way to an answer. There’s no cheese down the online rabbit hole.

Whatever secrets lurk in the Swamp… especially ones pertaining to the vilest desires of the world’s super elite… will have to come out the old fashioned way—judge’s orders… or a leak.

Which brings us back to the internet. It’s been a bad decade plus for elites and their secrets.

From the Snowden revelations to the Panama Papers… to the latest wave of reports on the eye-popping money laundering connecting Moscow, London, Berlin, and the constellation of countries surrounding the Baltic Sea.

From the MeToo movement to the Epstein case.

All because the internet has turned privacy—the privacy of the elite—inside out.

That’s not going to stop. Nobody knows how to stop it. Mark Zuckerberg woke up and decided he wants everyone to have a safe space in their private chat… so long as they use his platforms.

Does anyone believe they’ll really be safe? That they won’t be logged… somewhere, somehow?

Apple’s Tim Cook insists he’ll never bend in his crusade to keep your phones your own. But sales are falling… do enough people care?

When even the wealthiest and most powerful are in a panic to keep their lifestyles under wraps?

If we knew the truth, there’d be a revolution.

One that drains the Swamp no matter how high the scum goes.