Trump’s Fixing Homeland Security, One Layoff at a Time

He’s securing Homeland Security.

In a purge taking out the Secretary of DHS and several top officials, president Trump is acting fast to stop an epic failure at the border.

Because we don’t just have a crisis at the border. We have a crisis in the part of the government that’s in charge of the border.

Trump has fumed as the federal bureaucracy has all but given up on trying to maintain order… with an unprecedented tsunami of migrants, coyotes, unaccompanied minors, and others trying to crash what gates America has in place.

They’ve so overwhelmed the feds that migrants are winding up in makeshift pens or getting dumped on the streets—two intolerable options both of which a “big, beautiful wall” would have gone a long way to stopping.

But Trump’s hypocritical moralistic critics wouldn’t have it. They preferred to see the breakdown of law and order play out just in the way it was destined to after their decades of self-enriching neglect and permissiveness.

The United States is under no obligation to let any of this madness continue on humanitarian grounds.


The humanitarian thing to do is to crack down.

Build the wall.

Create chokepoints and checkpoints where migrants can be sheltered and processed properly before they use the US court system to create cumbersome and costly adjudications.

Turn the screws on Mexico until they do their fair share—instead of funneling their desperate southern neighbors on the march right to our inhospitable desert door.

But that takes more. More than the Homeland Security bureaucracy has been willing to tackle. More investment. More construction. More officials on the ground.

And one whole heck of a lot more buy-in on the administration’s low-immigration policy.

That’s what Trump needs. That’s what America needs. And that’s why we’re getting the big shakeup at DHS.

But Trump has to move fast. The Democrats won’t let anything stop them from painting the bureaucracy’s failures and their own eager complicity as racist evil emanating from the White House.

And the American people don’t know who to believe… thanks to the indoctrination they received at school instead of a civics education, and the fake news propaganda pumped out at them every day from the mainstream media.

On the elite’s watch, more and more of Latin America has turned into a hell hole… from cartel-crippled Mexico and the socialist dystopia in Central America… to the Venezuelan prison state and the criminal state within a state in Brazil.

But Trump’s the bad guy?


Today DHS, tomorrow the whole federal government.

That’s the kind of housecleaning we need to cure the crisis at the border and in the bureaucracy.