Trump Terrifies Silicon Valley

Yes, tech wants Trump out.

Yes, they’re working on it.

It’s an open secret in Washington and Silicon Valley. Google’s executives cried onstage in front of employees after Trump was elected. But no one has gone on record about how the Big Tech bosses want to stop Trump again… until now.

In a sting video released by Project Veritas, a high-ranking Googler spilled the beans on the dirty truth, that the goal is to do whatever it takes to ensure Trump loses in 2020.

Citing “people who voted for the current president who do not share our definition of fairness,” Google’s Head of Responsible Innovation let sip the company is “training our algorithms” for “if 2016 happened again.

“Would the outcome be different?” asked the executive, then answering that the Trust and Safety division has been “working on it since 2016 to make sure we’re ready for 2020.”

Ready for what?



“Preventing the next Trump situation.”

This sacred charge, the executive even said, is why Google should not be broken up—even though a Trump challenger she otherwise “loved,” Elizabeth Warren, supported antitrust action.

A bunch of smaller companies, the executive complained, couldn’t stop Trump’s re-election like Google could.

There you have it. The smoking gun.

Only Google is all powerful enough to throw an election… only Google can save America from four more years of Trump.

Now this is just one person. But it’s the person who’s closest to the teams implementing the democracy-killing strategy.

And in the wake of Washington’s humiliating failure at taking down Trump, it’s obvious there’s precious little in the way of options remaining.

And it’s obvious confidence in the Democrats running to unseat Trump is laughably low.

They don’t want to count on Warren, Biden, or anyone else to win. They can’t count on them.

They can’t afford to.

And Google and their fellow tech revolutionaries know they have the ruling class and the social justice proletariat behind them 100 percent.

The elites don’t care about democracy. The plebes don’t care about income inequality. Not really. They all just want their hated enemy destroyed. Whatever the cost.

Especially if the cost is just that dusty old document The Constitution.

Except now the mask is off. The kimono is dropped.

And not only do Americans hate what they see. Now, they can’t look away. They’re going to see it everywhere. In everything Google and company do. Behind every search result. Every shadow banned account. Everyone censored by “mistake.”

It’s all part of the same agenda.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s a conspiracy.

And now, it’s happening in plain sight.

2020 is coming fast. But there’s still plenty of time to pop some popcorn… and wait for Trump to respond—at a time and place of his choosing.

Good luck censoring that.