Trump Orders ICE to Deport Millions of Illegals

Illegals out.

That’s Trump’s message to the panicking Left. The same Left that stood by and mumbled when Barack Obama cranked up the deportations, because Obama was at the same time hooking up undocumented families with more welfare… and giving the social justice totalitarians free reign in the bargain.

But now the social justice movement is hitting a public opinion wall. They’ve pushed their rhetoric and their tech-enhanced speech codes too far. And Trump has waited for just this moment to strike.

So he’s ordered ICE—an agency the Left’s vanguard wants to break up, and prosecute its officials—to deport millions of unlawful entrants. “Newcomers” who aren’t just taking politely taking servant jobs building or cleaning rich people’s homes… but who are really taking over neighborhoods, squeezing the current residents out, transforming the country against the law.

The same Leftists who shriek and howl when privileged whites gentrify working-class black and Latino neighborhoods cheer when illegal immigrants remake communities, whatever the consequences. And they’re remaking the whole country.

Their race is incidental. Even though Latinos are more white than, say, Asians, and even though the overwhelming majority of legal Latino immigrants are pro-God, pro-family, and pro-USA, the Left uses the vast number of illegal immigrants as a political tool to strip power away from whites who are still proud of their country and hold traditional values.

Meanwhile Asians are losing their minority privileges because they beat every other racial group all the time, including whites, on their own.


The Left does this partly because so many white Americans reliably vote conservative. But increasingly they do it because they see whiteness itself as a moral defect… often a repository of evil.

Well, even plenty of Democrats don’t see race that way. Plenty of Latinos don’t either… the same Latinos who tell pollsters there’s enough immigration already.

The silent majority in this country is done with illegal immigration. They don’t want the government to stand by and watch as the border is swamped and the rule of law is trashed. For most Americans, there’s no political, economic, or cultural benefit to that policy.

And yet the thought police on the Left have millions feeling too guilty just to say out loud what they know in their hearts and minds to be true.

So once again, only Trump can fix it.

Only he can do the obvious when no one else will even say it. Only he is willing and able to take the hit and make the call.

“I am the change,” Obama famously said.

He ain’t got nothing on Trump.