Trump Might Save Venezuela from Socialism – Here’s Why

Does Trump want to invade Venezuela?

Reports claim that he’s talked about it for years. All that oil, and right in our backyard. No pesky Muslims, no problem with democracy.

Lindsay Graham says Trump complained that Graham wanted to take over all the wrong places.

And because the Left can’t help but make apologies for anti-Western dictators, they’re freaking out once again about Trump’s frankness.

They’re drawing all the predictable and unflattering analogies to the failed military interventions of the Bush and Obama legacies… the ones Trump got elected running against.

But who’s really talking nonsense?

Venezuela isn’t Libya. Moammar Gaddhafi ruled a country with a tiny and powerless opposition—one Obama feared would be crushed like a bug unless Gaddhafi was bombed first. Venezuela is a once-prosperous former democracy hijacked by a crazy clique of Cuba-style socialists.


Venezuela isn’t Iraq, either. Saddam Hussein ruled his war-torn country with an iron fist—because sectarian strife between Kurds, Sunnis, and Shiites was ready to explode in the absence of a stronger power. Venezuela wasn’t cooked up by colonial powers drawing lines on a map through the desert. It has a single people ready to govern themselves.

And Venezuela isn’t Afghanistan. It’s resource rich, situated on the sea, and a natural ally of the US and our friends. Instead of being kicked to the curb by the Soviets, left for us to clean up, Venezuela is a magnet for our enemies to expand their global influence, right under our nose.

Venezuela’s neighbors want it to go back to normal too. Brazil’s new government hates the crazy socialist regime. Colombia is straining to accept fleeing refugees without destabilizing its recent drug war peace. And Mexicans know that the worse things get in South America, the worse of a chain reaction of migrants they face on their own southern border.

Americans aren’t ready to send the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines in to overthrow the country’s crackpot regime. But that’s not the way to get Venezuela back on its feet, and Trump knows it.

That’s why his administration is working a full court diplomatic press, convincing beleaguered Venezuelan military officials that they’ll have our support if they stand against the crackpots. It’s why Trump has opened strong lines of communication with the opposition, declaring it the legitimate government—and inspiring much of the West to do the same.

There’s more than one way to take out a regime that’s dead set against our national interests. Just because the same old neocons and interventionists are getting excited doesn’t mean they have their hands on the controls… or that Trump is running plays from their playbook.

As usual, he’s calling the tune and making everyone dance. And once he’s got them swinging his way, he’ll do it all his way.

Invade Venezuela? Trump’s enemies are really worked up because he’s once again invaded their minds.