Trump Isn’t Worried About His Tax Returns

No, Trump’s taxes won’t take him down.

The “Resistance” will stop at nothing to sink Trump with their kitchen sink approach. Dossiers. Reports. Subpoenas. Testimony. None of it has worked. So they’re going after his tax returns.

Dumb move. The mainstream media blared headlines when a decade worth of losses—$1 billion or so—emerged from Trump tax data someone got a hold of and leaked. What a loser, the critics screamed.

As if Trump’s supporters… or anyone really… could be convinced that Trump, who has crushed his political enemies right and left since he first ran for president, is the loser here.

As if Americans don’t know that Trump bounced back big time… as he addressed during his lean years with a shiny new book called The Art of the Comeback.

As if everyone doesn’t believe that there’s no way to get super rich anymore without taking on gigantic debts. Just look at the big banks: bailout city as far as the eye can see. They’re richer than ever… and they “failed up” more than Trump ever did.

All that’s just for starters. The elite may scorn Trump’s base for standing with him no matter what, but they’re catching on that the reason is less a personality cult than their own rock bottom support.


Baked into those poll numbers showing a Trump at an all time high, closing in on the 50 percent mark, are a chunk of voters who are dissatisfied with Trump because he hasn’t delivered on more of his campaign promises—not because he’s delivered on so many of them.

That means even more people will vote against Trump’s opponent than it appears. Trump’s effective support is even higher than it seems.

And the support for his opponents—Biden for instance—is weaker. It’s 2016 redux, with polls showing Trump an underdog and no one in the press willing to believe that voters, in the safety of the polling booth, will return the “Bad Orange Man” to power once again.

Trump has taken his lumps, just like they have. Especially on taxes—Americans’ least favorite part of citizenship, and one where they have the most sympathy with people who suffered reversals of fortune.

That’s not something they see on the other side. They see social justice power suit woman Kamala Harris boasting squeaky clean returns from atop her privileged peak of wealth and success.

Biden is respected because he’s been through personal tragedy and come out the stronger. But his career in the Senate was easy street, and he’s never faced the pressure of executive crisis alone.

Trump has faced it over… and over… and over.

Tax returns? The American people are scoffing. Return this!