The New “Bomb Shelter” That Only the Rich Can Afford

The rich are hoarding.

Companies. Individuals. Beginning to hunker down.

And the sad fact is they could force a recession just by saving money.

But the upsetting fact is, the hoarding at the highest levels shows our top companies don’t know what to do anymore but consolidate their control.

The usual political case against hoarding belongs to the Left. That cash should be taxed. They’re depriving the rest of us of benefits. No one “deserves” that much money. Nobody “needs” it.

The Right has always fought back against those ideas. Taxes hurt economic growth. The poor don’t have a right to others’ private property… because nobody does. Productivity and investment can’t function to benefit everyone if money we don’t “need” is taken away. Need isn’t the standard.

But things are mixed up now. Because corporations have become so powerful… and so aligned against America… that they’re changing the political rules.


Silicon Valley’s biggest are hoarding immense sums and pivoting from innovation to culture policing. They’re slaves to the crazies inside and outside their “campuses.” They’re not investing in new innovations or creating new jobs. They’re focused on preventing backlash against them… while stamping out resistance.

And California, where the super sized income taxes paid by the ultra rich keep the one-party state’s bloated budgets afloat, is becoming the model for the whole economy.

The anti-American rich get paid pursuing an agenda that hurts ordinary citizens… and they spend their money on luxuries like servants and garbage art that pump up the value of things that warp the culture further against America.

So it’s good news that big ticket spending like that is dropping.

But it’s bad news that we’re hostage to their retrenchment.

And the elite moneybags are hungry to use the occasion to finally smash Trump. Angry federal reserve types want to disobey his monetary policy, then blame the wreckage on him.

The truth is our elite is decadent, corrupt to the core. They’re raising crazy children who hate America. They’re overhauling the economy so normal people who want normal lives can’t afford them anymore. They’re fighting tooth and nail to take down Trump, the last obstacle to their plans.

They’d be thrilled to pay a Trump Removal Tax… an economic downturn that punishes his supporters and gets him thrown from office, but only costs them a tiny fraction of their hoard.

That’s a lot different from the accumulation of capital the Left always complains about. Today’s corporatists aren’t capitalists. And they’re not loyal citizens. They’re revolutionaries.

But Americans are catching on… just in time for 2020.

Time to throw the bums out of their golden bunkers.