The Mueller Report Exposed “Fake News” Better Than Trump

Even if Trump does go down, the “mainstream” media is finished.

Curtains. Kaput.

That’s the first and biggest lesson of the Mueller report.

The shameful hysterics of the media surrounding the Russia narrative utterly failed. Failed to turn the American people against their president… failed to break the Republican Party on the wheel of unfounded fear and baseless rumor.

Failed… to salvage what was left of the media’s already ruinous reputation.

Even people who hate the president now accept that the media is everything he said it was. A failing institution slinging fake news. A farce wrapped in the phony trappings of authority.

Nobody needs to listen to these people anymore. Fewer by the day have any desire to do so.


The Right views the media with contempt. The center can’t find an audience. And the Left can’t take any more emotional trauma… built up and let down again and again.

Now they’re putting their faith in vengeful Congressmen and the Southern District of New York—where otherwise endless investigations will eventually, they’re sure, turn up the evidence that will take down the president.

Because, as they believe but won’t (yet) say out loud, if you dig into the dealings of anyone as old and powerful as Trump, you’re bound to find a crime.

That’s right… at the heart of the great “Resistance” hope is the certitude that the ruling class in America is rotten to the core.

You can see it in the creepy legal maneuvering around the Epstein case. The Left is up in arms that a lawyer who once did Epstein a favor is now a cabinet member in the Trump administration.

They’re champing at the bit to believe Trump is mixed up in Epstein’s sickening scene. While all the evidence points to the network of celebrity globalists everyone already knows flew around on Epstein’s private jet and hung out on his private island.

The panic is palpable. They’ll stop at nothing to take down Trump… even at the risk of taking down their own sacred cows and glitzy “leaders.”

The deeper they dig into the dark world of international finance and international pleasure, the more dirt will be exposed to the world. The real news the fake news is designed to obscure will be exposed.

And the so called Resistance will find itself with a full blown revolution on its hands.

A citizenry with no need for the corrupt media elite.

No need for the bungling, bullying deep state.

None for the decadent famous.

And no shortage of economic and cultural scores to settle.

They’re still hellbent in taking down Trump. It’s all they have left.

But they have no plan… and no power… to take down the rest of