The Media Wants You to Forget About Epstein. Don’t.

Move along, Epstein conspiracists. Nothing to see here.

That’s the message from the elite, who are all too relieved to see official word come down that the uber-connected pedophile’s death in prison was a suicide.

Never mind the likelihood that Epstein, whose connections ran all the way to the top of the US, the UK and Israel, for starters, was under orders to off himself if the going got tough.

Never mind that the Clintons have still not made a peep since Epstein’s death.

It’s stunning proof of just how powerful our frightened world elite still is. They’re circling the wagons. Clamming up. Waiting for the storm to blow over, for the story to sink to the bottom of the papers and finally drop off the radar. As stories always do.

They know conspiracy theories are inevitable. But so what? Opiates for the masses, the elites think. They should know… a big part of their job is to spin fantasies for ignorant and anxious people to believe.

But this time it’s different. It’s not just the magnitude of Epstein’s crimes… the corruption of the system that protected him… the opulence of his lifestyle or the mystery of his wealth and relationships.


It’s that today, most people take it for granted that the elite is off the reservation and out of control. That it’s gone rogue. Protecting only itself… unable to run the world properly… in decline, with no clue what to do about it but lash out and clamp down at random.

How can an elite like this make the right decisions about anything? About Hong Kong, China, or North Korea? About AI, CRISPR, or facial recognition? What authority do they have to tell us what to do?

These are big questions… incendiary questions. But every day people get a little more convinced that they need to be asked aloud.

Because otherwise the elite’s going to sail us off a cliff. Bankrupt our kids and fill their heads with ideological psychobabble. Blow up our economy all over again. Fiddle while our enemies around the world grow more powerful. Stuff our country to the gills with unskilled workers and drive down real wages at the same time. Sow the seeds of a revolution against America and all it stands for.

And leave us with the tab. Holding the bag.

Because otherwise, it’s going to be creeps like Epstein all the way down.