The Left’s Officially “Lost It”

It’s a bad time to be a Democrat… and getting worse every minute.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. A model politician, progressive but ecumenical, was going to wipe Trump away. Everyone would know who this savior was by now. Trump would implode, the deep state would stop a meltdown, and sanity would return to America.

Yeah, right.

In reality, sanity on the Left is history. Multiple candidates including the front runner say white men are evil and America’s unjust country is their fault. The New York Times is handing out its big report saying everything that made us prosperous and strong resulted from slavery. No Democrat can stop the socialists and queer Maoists from dictating the moral law on the Left.

Polls show Trump might lose, but no one believes them. Even the Chinese and Iranians now assume Trump will probably win. This is his era in America, but around the world he is but one example of the new post-globalist world. No member of the liberal elite is succeeding. Brexit is happening. Brazil and India, two of the largest democracies, are firmly nationalist. The G7 is a waste of time.

Meanwhile on the next debate stage ten candidates, only three of whom are in double digits, will fight to star in post show clips that no longer move voters the way they once did. Harris’s standout moment caused a hiccup in her favor that is now long over, nothing more.

Many Americans are sick of Trump’s style and even supporters have problems with some of the substance. But against all expectations he is keeping the wheels on America’s wagon, and the competition looks totally out of touch and not up to the task.


Trump, the amateur, hasn’t blown up the country… while the professionals vying to replace him look like they couldn’t make heads or tails of what world we’re in now.

That’s the fundamental question this election season: just how clueless are the Democrats now? How divorced from reality? How dedicated to delusions? Trump might not deliver the goods as promised… he might even be an oaf or a jerk… but at least he knows what world we’re living in.

At least he knew what world we were living in two years ago… or more… when everyone else was still convinced it was situation normal, smooth sailing ahead.

This moment says every day that Democrats don’t get it. Even on climate, which has even young Republicans worried. Only Andrew Yang is saying the obvious on the Left… that if you want clean energy and lots of it, the answer isn’t taxes or “renewables” but nuclear power.

But Yang is at 3 percent in the polls.

Maybe he’ll be the Democrats’ Trump. That’s what he’s banking on. And he makes the mid tier competition of Harris, Booker, and Buttigieg look like preening fools. But if he can’t break through in the TV format he rightly derides as out of date… he won’t change the party in time.

It’ll still be Trump’s world. And they’ll still be living in it.