The Left’s Obsession with Children Is Downright Creepy

For people who hate babies so much, the Left sure loves children.

What dark secret could explain this strange mystery?

Consider the viral ambush video of Dianne Feinstein tearing it up online. The elder Democrat, famous for spearheading the “Year of the Woman” in 1992, stands there, stuck, as a gaggle of Very Serious children lecture her piously on the need to save them from climate change.

Stolid but unfazed, Feinstein responds the way any sane adult with even a passing civics education would do. She’s been around, she says, and she can attest that accomplishing things in government requires actual time and effort.

Not good enough, says the puritanical peanut gallery. They’ll all be dead by then. We all will. Earth will be hell, they’d say, if they believed in a hell.

In that case, Feinstein might have responded, we’d better hurry up and neutron bomb China. Heck, throw India into the bargain too. Can’t be too careful when kids’ lives are on the line. Progress means sacrifice… and the ultimate progress demands ultimate sacrifices.

But, no, at the end of the day, Stateswoman Feinstein had to do what every Democrat confronted by a Lilliputian Leninist must now do today: stand there and take it. The belittlement. The contempt. The disgust. The superiority.


Because children, in the Left’s dark heart, are the gateway drug for real tyrants. Adult ones.

The Left actually hates kids—kids who act like kids, who were raised right, who retain some innocence, who know to respect their elders.

What they love are kids gone wild… not in the Spring Break sense, but in the French Revolution one. Kids who make the demands. Kids who cannot be questioned. Kids who can claim the moral authority of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh-god.

You know… the kind of false authority all of Western Civilization has fought and bled to destroy.

Well, it’s back now. And not even DiFi is safe.

That’s bad news for wimped-out feeble old Democrats about to be swept from power in the Revolutionary purges to come.

But it’s good news for the rest of us.

Because we still have the strength to beat these bossy brats back into line. Not with the force of arms, of course—that’s reserved for real adult totalitarians, with real evil empires bent on destroying America.

No, all we need to win this one is to open our mouths… and put the Left’s socialist shock troops in their place with a few choice words.

And hey—when they’re crying like babies, maybe their elder Democrats will wake up and hate them again.

Boo hoo.