The Left’s New Abortion Agenda Has Them Playing God

Why abortion? Why is that the hill the Left will die on?

People are asking… as Democrats close ranks around their state level laws permitting infanticide, and shoot down legislation in Congress that would punish it.

It can’t be that they really hate babies that much… right?

Because the truth is that some on the far Left really see children as an unforgivable sin against the environment… but others insist that permissive abortion ensures those who actually survive the womb have better lives.

Even that justification, though, has a sinister underbelly. The improvements the Left wants to make to people’s lives don’t just come in the form of a society with fewer “unwanted” people. They come literally, from the very bodies of fetuses themselves.

Case in point? News that the AIDS division of the National Institute for Health has renewed its contract with the University of San Francisco to see if they can develop better HIV treatments from mice shot up with cells from aborted human fetuses.

That’s right… dead babies are being cannibalized on the taxpayer dime to create laboratory monsters, all so people with AIDS might have some more options at the doctor’s office.


Once this kind of barbarism starts… unless it’s stopped cold, it never stops.

Because today it’s giving people who get HIV longer, more comfortable lives. Tomorrow it’s expanding fetal “tissue” experiments to create medicines of choice… to grow replacement organs, doubtless including the kinds you need for new and improved elective sex reassignment surgery. It’s more and more body modification, brain chemistry alteration, and mood stabilization.

It’s an end to our natural God-given bodies, hearts, and minds.

All those dead fetuses are our ticket to playing God… to becoming as gods.

That’s the end game for the Left, whether they know it or not… and make no mistake many of them do. It’s just what they’ve always wanted.

They hate the idea that God makes us and loves us just the way we are. They see nothing but cruel luck and unfair accident.

They resent natural birth the same way they resent the nuclear family.

They won’t settle for YOUR idea of freedom—they want the freedom to decide that freedom means whatever the hell they want it to mean.

Freedom from God.

Freedom from nature.

Freedom from guilt.

At first, they thought government alone was powerful enough to be the new God—to give them everything their heart desired.

Then they realized they needed science, too. Unlimited government plus unlimited science equaled heaven, or their psychotic version of it, on earth.

But that wasn’t enough either. They were missing the magic ingredient… the juice that made their hideous dream factory run.

They needed victims.

Sacrifices. Human ones.

By the time the “reasonable” Left wakes up to the evil fantasies behind abortion absolutism, it’ll be too late.

Their humanity, and ours, will be in pieces on the operating table.