The Left’s Failed Coup Is a National Embarrassment

It was a coup.

A failed coup… feeble, abortive… but a coup nonetheless.

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe tried to pull together enough cabinet members to invoke the 25th Amendment and throw Trump out of office.

Trump is all over McCabe on Twitter… victim of the first actual coup attempt on US soil, unless you want to get into the weeds on assassinations.

It’s outrageous… and not simply in its audacity. McCabe’s failed action hero moment was just one of many efforts to bump off Trump. And one by one they all failed.

The “dossier”—shopped around by Deep Staters and media allies who dispatched a “retired” dirt collector from the UK intelligence world that despises Trump even more than America’s own—failed to assassinate Trump’s character.

The investigation—Mueller’s undertaking, over-hyped from day one by the Trump haters because it promised to bring them back to power—failed to bring down the legal hammer on the president. Mueller, touted as a true patriot for dutifully doing his job, will soon lose favor for that exact reason.


So the question becomes—what next? Impeachment? Democrats are already raging that they’ll launch House investigations broader in scope than anything even Mueller attempted. That’s because they’d rather keep a cloud hanging over Trump’s presidency than try and fail once again to bring it to an end.

If Bill Clinton could survive impeachment, right after losing both houses of Congress, Trump can survive in a walk, with Senate GOP well aware that if Trump goes, they’re next in the crosshairs.

The Deep Staters and their allies are bracing to put their faith in democracy after all… with the odds growing that they’ll have to embrace a radical socialist who despises them almost as much as Trump.

That’s why they’re straining to throw the election to an “independent” candidate like Howard Schultz or a ringer like Joe Biden… and deepening the hate on the Left all the way. The last thing the Left could withstand is losing to Trump because of the Deep State’s arrogant old white men.

And yet, the rage and desperation among the Deep Staters is building to critical levels. If they can’t beat Trump by hook or by crook, someone is going to have to pay.

That somebody is going to be the radical Left.

Democrats think the Deep State has always been on their side. How easily they forget the pre-Clintonian days when most of what the FBI and CIA did was worry about home grown communists and insurrectionaries.

Democrats think they’ve got the institutional cover they need to indulge their crazy radicals as much as they want… because when they regain the White House, the unelected “adults” will take back over.

Those Deep State adults don’t see it that way. Burned by Trump and burning for revenge, they’ll take it out on the Left’s most extreme… the most anti-money, anti-power radicals the Party is captive to.

The Left wanted a successful coup. It’s not going to like the one it gets.