The Left Is Losing Touch with the Left

Secret’s out—the radical left is living in a fantasy land.

That’s the mind-blowing “breaking news” you’ll see splashed across the New York Times.

“Today’s Democratic Party is increasingly perceived as dominated by its ‘woke’ left wing,” the Times reports. “But the views of Democrats on social media often bear little resemblance to those of the wider Democratic electorate.”

The social media warriors muster just half the number of voters as roughly “the more moderate, more diverse and less educated group of Democrats who typically don’t post political content online,” according to the Times.

“Social justice” is supposed to be a grassroots revolutionary project carried out by a rainbow coalition of historically oppressed groups. In reality, it’s the obsession of a small and mentally pained coterie of relatively privileged white people.


That realization is enough to blow the Left’s prized narrative—all they have left after their beloved Trump narratives have failed—to smithereens.


But for the social justice set, the existential crisis goes even deeper.

Because inquiring minds will now want to know why all these coddled white Leftists are so fixated on a vision of justice that struggling minorities don’t even share so strongly.

The answer is simple. The radical white youth today is living a fantasy. They can’t take the reality that their boomer parents failed them and primed them to fail.

They can’t handle the truth that if they want to thrive in life, they have to take some personal responsibility for their fate.

It’s about more than working hard. Lots of woke white kids work plenty hard—on empty, dead end things like copycat “creative” pursuits and menial service jobs.

For what? Not the families they aren’t having. Not for the good of their country. Not in furtherance of a religious commitment to help their fellow man.

While a precious few make art and serve disadvantaged communities in a way that truly lifts the human spirit, most know they’re living increasingly irrelevant lives.

The solution? An all-consuming ideology that puts them at the pinnacle of correctness and importance, of course.

There are enough “woke” legions to keep the illusion going, like audience members at a magic show. But there aren’t enough to turn the fantasy into a winning electoral coalition.

Which is why the fury is so intense on the Left. If the social justice set can’t seize control of the Democrats, installing their own operatives throughout the party, and getting their own ticket nominated, they’ll have to retreat ever further into a narrower and more irrelevant fantasy life.

They’re already propped up by therapy, pills, and a desperate bid for “self-care.” They’re already the most psychologically fragile group in America.

How much more reality can they take?

We’re about to find out. Because when they crack, they’re going to try to take down the rest of us with them.