The Left Is Censoring Conservatives Online and Nobody’s Stopping Them

On the Internet, globalism is dead.

That’s the good news.

The bad news? The Left can’t wait to take over America online.

All over Asia governments are turning against the idea of one big digital Earth. China is leading the way—taking all but complete control of who posts what… and which companies get to let them do it. But China is hardly alone.

Russia is hard at work prepping the first war game of its kind: shutting down the entire outside internet to see how they can manage with what they run on their own.

Yeah, well, nervous globalists say, those countries are anti-democratic. We have to expect they’d do whatever it takes to fight our values.

Then there’s India.


The EU, which is slapping fines on Google for violating its business law, is engaged in child’s play relative to India. The world’s biggest democracy is now actively considering taking China’s approach to the Web… granting itself sweeping new powers of censorship and regulation over the content accessible to citizens in-country.

How could this happen, the liberals scream. How could we be so betrayed.

They didn’t understand that the bots making up the internet don’t care about their hippie cult of openness and togetherness.

And they don’t want to accept the next “shock” either… that the Left no longer belongs to the liberals.

The illiberal Left has the power now. Socialists and progressives fight for control, both champing at the bit to orchestrate a huge moral crackdown on American behavior… American speech… and American thoughts.

As they look around the world watching the internet split off into tightly controlled national sectors… as they watch what European countries do in an effort to perfect their Leftist paradises and crush internal dissent… they’ll get bolder. They’ll start saying the unthinkable.

They know if they do nothing, conservatives are going to push hard for things like free speech guarantees online and an end to infinite free pornography.

The Left is going to figure out they have a limited time to seize control of America’s internet… and YOUR way of life online.

And once they do… they’re going to go all out to get it.

Maybe they’ll start with speech codes. Maybe they’ll start with taxes. Or maybe they’ll roll out a Web New Deal, flooding the zone with a revolutionary package to remake your online freedom in their image.

Don’t be shocked when it happens. Be prepared.

And hope some Americans in office are preparing themselves too.