The Left Has Started a War on Citizenship

Maria Thorington, 27, from Canada at the USCIS Naturalization Ceremony, Denver Field Office, Friday November 18 2016. "Because my husband served his [this] country, I want to be a part of it."

Citizenship is racist.

That’s where this is going.

In an effort to stop the insanity, President Trump has dropped an executive privilege bomb on the House of Representatives, where Democrats hell-bent on taking down his administration subpoenaed executive branch documents pertaining to the Census.

The dispute concerns the administration’s alteration of the questions asked on the Census, responses to which are used to determine population and draw Congressional districts.

Democrats are convinced there’s proof in the documents that Team Trump cooked up different Census questions to suppress immigrant participation—read, illegal and undocumented immigrants. Which of course, the Left takes for granted, is racist.

That’s right… preventing illegal immigrants from counting in drawing up bigger and more racially gerrymandered districts is racist.

We’re in upside-down land.


But this is the kind of controversy the Supreme Court will have to settle, because only now has the ruling class succeeded in pumping so many noncitizens into the country that the constitutional question of Trump’s Census changes has ripened.

And that’s just what the Court is going to do.

But as usual, the Left doesn’t care what the Court says, if what the Court says goes against their agenda. One little ruling can’t break the administration. And they want Trump crippled and powerless going into the re-election campaign.

They want it so bad… they’re willing to trigger a separate constitutional crisis over their own intransigence.

They couldn’t believe Trump was going to be the Republicans’ nominee in 2016. They couldn’t believe he was going to beat Hillary. They couldn’t believe he was going to face down the Mueller investigation… that it wouldn’t land him in jail… that the Democrats’ own leadership wouldn’t rush to impeachment. On and on and on.

They just don’t get it. They’re living in a world that has turned against them.

Yet they think this time, this stunt, this is the one that’ll get him. That’ll make the bad man go away. Turn back the clock to the smug old days. When everything was “normal.”

Even though they’re the party captive to a social justice mob that has nothing but unbridled hatred for all things… and all people… normal.

So they’ll throw the book at him. As Trump well knows. So his response to the Census subpoenas is eat my shorts.

They just can’t believe he has the initiative, the upper hand. But he’s got Barr investigating the international effort—connecting the intelligence communities of our Five Eyes allies—to blow up his presidency through the “dodgy dossier” of UK ex-spymaster Christopher Steele.

In the war of investigations, Trump is going to humiliate his enemies all over again.

No matter how loudly they cry racism, or how much they denigrate citizenship to do it.