The Democrats Must Pay for Spying on President Trump

They spied on the President.

That’s the word Attorney General Barr used—spying—and that’s the only word to use for what Peter Sztrok and the rest of the deep state cronies did to Trump in an effort to get him thrown out of office.

Is it treason?

That’s the word Trump himself is using—treasonous—to describe the Mueller-led probe that couldn’t help, given the deep state campaign against Trump, getting tangled up in FBI spying.

That’s why Congressional Republicans are right to launch a fresh investigation into the who, what, where, when, and why of the coordinating spying on Trump.

Everyone knows those are the kinds of questions reporters are supposed to be digging into—in a grandly impartial quest for the whole truth and nothing but.

And everyone knows that’s exactly what the Swampland journalists with a vendetta against Trump didn’t want to do.


So they didn’t. They helped keep the spy campaign out of sight and out of Americans’ minds.

But that’s not all. They went further. It wasn’t enough to make themselves ignorant. They celebrated it. They put faith in it.

The media convinced itself that the Mueller report really was going to send Trump to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. What actually happened wound up as big a shock to them as it did to the fashionable ignoramuses they sell their shoddy product to.

And with the upcoming Congressional investigation, it’s all going to happen again.

What choice have they? The media knows their crumbling industry is utterly dependent on Trump news and Trump takes to survive. But because they insist on marrying the hottest, most outrageous, most trashy takes to the most trivial and deliberately uninformed news, they have no option but to run the same failed Mueller report playbook this time around.

More smears. More bogus narratives. More shameless fearmongering.

And more leaks and rumors from the deep state figures still dedicated to knocking out Trump before he shuts them down for good.

They see what Trump has done at DHS—sacking the ineffective leadership that has done nothing to stop the border crisis from reaching truly dangerous proportions.

They know they’re next.

So just when you thought the Mueller mania was over, it’s just mutated. The underlying conflict is nowhere near over. It’s the deep state versus elected officials, like it or not.

Even some Democrats might not want to head into 2020 with the campaign defined by a bunch of spoiled, scared, and power-tripping bureaucrats.

Will any of them have the courage to break with the deep state?

Or will they all take their marching orders, and kiss what’s left of the Republic goodbye?