The Democrats Have Officially Become the Party of Infanticide

There they go again… standing strong for baby-killing.

You better believe it. Nobody likes to be forced to vote against their party’s interest, but in the Democrats’ case, they didn’t shoot down this week’s Senate bill to save aborted babies born alive just to spite Republicans.

They did it because they believe those babies should die.

“Every woman has a fundamental right to access comprehensive reproductive health care,” Kamala Harris raged in defense of her indefensible vote. “I remain committed to fighting for that.”

Of course, the bill has nothing to do with access to abortion. It had to do with punishing doctors who stood there and watched a living baby die.

The Democrats say those doctors are oh so reasonable. So few little babies—fetuses, whatever—wind up in that awkward gray area. Many are badly deformed or probably won’t make it.

No matter they’re living human beings. Just like Democrats used to say all the time, because birth was the magic moment. The ticket to being a person. Happy birthday, kid—you’re no longer a clump of cells!


Now they’ve thrown away the one thin stilt propping up their pyramid of lies. The old “hey—I’m born” magic don’t work no more. The psychos on the far Left won’t have it.

And the cowards closer to the center have convinced themselves that justice is whatever the craziest scream the loudest.

What’s next? Evil “philosophers” on the Left are already out there saying there’s really no difference between killing an infant inside the womb and killing one helplessly laying in a cradle.

How long until, in Washington, “a woman’s right to choose” becomes what the psychotic Left secretly believes it to be—a legal license to be judge, jury, and executioner over anyone with the misfortune to be conceived in her belly?

Make no mistake—that’s what it’s all about. The Left got so bored of being godless it started to worship the goddess of its pagan fantasies. All powerful, all knowing, master of life and death.

It sounds insane. But nothing else can explain the revelation that Democrats consider it a sacred achievement for infants to be killed and for their mothers to sentence them to death.

Otherwise they might dare to vote against legislation requiring at least an effort to keep abortions survivors alive. Just so women can see—what they’ve done, and what they might still do.

But they don’t want to see.

The goddess the Left calls justice is blind.

You see carnage. She feels empowered.

It’s a hell of a way to play politics.