The Democratic Primary Will Be a Train-wreck

Biden and Sanders? Or Ocasio-Cortez and Omar?

It’s a tale of twos. Two generations. Two classes. Two identities. For Democrats, it’s a train-wreck in the making.

The last thing they want going into a crowded presidential primary season is to make 2020 a referendum on all white men. This was supposed to be about the one orange man named Donald J. Trump.

But the party’s stars in Congress are not the party’s stars on the campaign trail. And the difference spells doom.

Biden and Sanders—the very portrait of old white men—are topping the polls in all-important Iowa. Each owns about a quarter share of the vote, putting would-be front runners like Kamala Harris deep in single digits.

Meanwhile on the Hill, AOC and Ilhan Omar are making Harris look like Elizabeth Dole. Ocasio is using her enviable platform to tell America that capitalism is unconscionable. Omar’s using hers to tell us American Jews have a divided allegiance with Israel.

Anti-capitalism and anti-Semitism—there’s a winning message.


And the only candidates with the heft to stop the insanity are the oldest, whitest men left on the bench.


Especially because it puts white women who identify strongly as Democrats in exactly the position Democrats have been quietly, desperately hoping they wouldn’t wind up in.

The Left’s nonwhite radicals have grown vicious in their portrayal of white women as coddled enablers of white men—no matter their ostensible bona fides on abortion, health care, immigration, or any other bread and butter issues for Democrats.

And now the party’s leading ladies vying for the White House are looking forgettable… stereotypical. Klobuchar? Gillibrand? What is this, Hillary Clinton redux? Haven’t we seen that movie before? Don’t we know how it ends?

The Ocasio-Omar generation sure thinks they do. They don’t like the results one bit.

So of course they’re doubling down on demonizing the economic and cultural systems that define American greatness. They don’t think America is already great. They don’t think it ever was. For them, America needs to be not just changed but purified. Or not just transformed but body snatched. The territory of the United States needs to become something that ain’t America at all.

That ain’t gonna happen on Joe Biden’s watch. And even Uncle Bernie is too American for the Os. He’s the last refuge of the white male Democrat—soft on communism, tucked away in some New England forest, promising the moon along with the endless entitlements… but unable to purge himself of his original sin, his identity.

So have Obama’s heir and Hillary’s challenger from the Left both gone from hero to villain. They’re not Left enough. Their party has moved so Left so fast they’re… Left behind.

Except not in Iowa. And not in the hearts and minds of the millions of Democrats waking up to just how insanely “woke” their anti-American vanguard really is.

Two factions enter. One leaves.

Welcome to the Democrat Civil War.