The American College System Is a Total Scam

The mask of the meritocracy is off.

Welcome to Scam U.

As news is breaking of the massive federal anti-bribery sting on colleges and super-rich parents… nailing everyone from high-powered coaches to Hollywood celebrities… Americans are coming together.

Uniting in criticism of the open secret that college is now a racket.

It goes way beyond campus craziness. Beyond safe spaces and social justice sensitivity squads. That’s just a moral crusade.

And the more hyperactive it gets, the more the money game beneath it leaks through.

No matter how hard the campus radicals push their twisted purity doctrines, universities are as filthy as the lucre they pile up.


Untaxed endowments… huge savings from federal grant money… massive sports programs that often swap out the educational standards for Star athletes, unpaid players who make schools bank.

The more indebted students have become, the richer the universities have grown.

The more administrators they’ve added to their bloated payrolls, the more worthless a college degree has become.

And the higher the profits have piled toward the sky, the more the little guy, who doesn’t even go to college, has to prop up the unsustainable system.

Which, we now know, seamlessly incorporated outright bribes.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars, in some cases. Up to several million. Just to land a kid a spot.

Kids who are apt to blow their college “experience” as if its one big Spring Break. Which it basically almost is anyway.

So much for the meritocracy.

Then again, the culture of corruption powering our elites’ own never ending party has tainted our “merit”-based economy for generations. Their idea of measuring merit is setting up as many costly hoops as possible for ambitious people to jump through… collecting worthless credentials along the way.

Fail to make it to the top, and you’ll sink down… loaded with debt, larded with degrees, and ruined with high expectations you can suddenly never fulfill.

Make it to the top, and you’ll sink in a different way—into the swamp. Where graft is a way of life. Getting rich helping corporations train their employees on the latest social justice nonsense. Or lecturing startups on the importance of diversity and inclusion. Or regurgitating the latest trendy empowerment pabulum before wealthy audiences who’ll write blank checks just to be seen sitting in the right crowd.

There’s the environmentalist graft, the philanthropy graft, the social good graft, and the STEM graft. There’s the graft that churns out graduate degrees for failed-to-launch young adults getting course credit for half-baked political activism. There’s the administrator graft, heaping up associate deanships as tuition rises even higher. There’s no end in sight.

Or there wasn’t… until Americans woke up to the reality of just how rotten campus has become.

The party can’t go on forever.

And for America’s crooked “meritocratic,” Spring Break is canceled this year.