The Aliens to Be Worried About Are South of the Border

Aliens? Who cares?

The shocking truth for fans of the X-Files—and anyone who grew up on a steady diet of space opera or science fiction—isn’t that the government now admits that UFO sightings are real.

It’s that the American people greeted the news with a shrug.

What was supposed to be the biggest of all coverups is now just another news item… at a time when public enthusiasm for all things extra-terrestrial is sinking to earthbound lows.

The military has let the press in on the ex-secret… a host of verified and documented encounters by pilots and other enlisted personnel… a warehouse containing material objects related to unidentified craft… a whole program devoted to analyzing the phenomena, shuttered in recent years for reasons not entirely clear.

This is how alien mania ends? Not with a bang but a whisper?

Despite the development of technology that can finally put a person on Mars… and make trips possible to and from Earth on reusable rockets… Americans have lost that old enthusiasm for the Moon—and beyond.


Elon Musk is considered a cheesy and self indulgent showman for shooting a Tesla into space and blaring an old David Bowie song.

Jeff Bezos’s dream of building huge orbital cities packed with millions of people has been met with yawns… muted outrage at best.

President Trump’s Space Force earned mild ridicule. His vow to revisit the Moon and put a manned craft on Mars has barely moved the needle.

What happened?

Boomers with John F. Kennedy’s words echoing in their ears will complain that Americans want the easy and not the hard. But across the political spectrum, popular attention is on fixing what the ruling class has done wrong… or at least prepping effectively for the day when their Tower of Babel falls in around our heads.

The Left wants to rebuild an economy that delivers welfare for all, not geegaws in the void. Democrats want climate control at home, not terraforming abroad.

The Right wants to rebuild the culture. Rich tech nerds who bloomed late, cheat on their wives, and smoke weed on podcasts are considered arrogant yet irrelevant hedonists. Republicans want border control on the ground, not utopia amongst the stars.

Even many libertarians are too busy living small but highly epicurean lives to get excited about the weird hardships and grand visions of space travel and interplanetary colonization.

Some critics even come right out and say that spending money on space is an injustice. It’s capitalist. It’s elitist. It’s militarist. It’s globalist. It’s delusional.

It’s going to turn the machines against us.

Meanwhile the unidentified flying machines the government has disclosed show a pattern of flying around in impossible ways but basically leaving us all alone.

What if you threw a world historical party and nobody came?