Record Immigration Numbers Signal Civil Unrest

More immigrants here than in the past hundred years.

That’s the census report.

And a majority are from Latin America.

That’s a situation without precedent in the US. But we know what happened the last time immigration was this high.

Communism. Avowed Bolshevik Eugene Debs led the largest socialist workers party in American history… until Woodrow Wilson threw him in jail. Civil unrest culminated in live-fire strikebreaking across the American West.

War. Wilson, who won re-election on keeping America out of Europe’s slaughter, soon chose to “make the world safe for democracy” instead. The result: the greatest era of wholesale butchery the world had ever known.

Bureaucracy. A new class of self-styled “progressive” experts conquered Washington—and the academy—with an imported German ideology that saw the scientists of statism as the true rulers. While they ate away at representative government from one end, the new cult of “leadership” devoured it from the other.


Urbanization. American cities began transforming into seething and sometimes anarchical cosmopolises—Chicago first among them. Corrupt to the core, dominated by gangs and crime, and dedicated to delivering votes to party bigs who’d do whatever it took to consolidate their grip on power.

The 1910s led to the insanity of the ’20s, the crash of the ’30s, and the rise of the big bank regime. America would never be the same… and not in a good way.

The immigrants of the day were hardly to blame for these horrors and distortions of the American republic. Many doggedly assimilated despite wrenching discrimination… including the German immigrants, with their German-language newspapers, who embraced their new country despite its war with the old.

But the unprecedented surge of immigration was part and parcel of an era of transformation that spun completely out of the control of the experts and the elite. It was shocking new evidence that the America of yore was finished, no matter how deeply our national character persisted.

And so today—what does the evidence tell us about the new America the elites have delivered into our hands? How much confidence do we have the the elite can keep control over their brave new world?

The answers are obvious. The evidence is that today’s America is divided from its past and divided among bitter factions. The evidence is that our elite has done more to break up our shared identity than strengthen it. And the confidence in their competence to control the fragmented new country?

It lies in ruins.

They’ll tell us, once again, that only they can fix it. That we need a twenty first century revolution on the scale of the Federal Reserve, court packing, FDR’s alphabet soup of new government agencies. They’ll tell us we need to fight more wars, chase more utopian fantasies. Let them reprogram our lives.

After a hundred years of this failed program, you’d think we wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

But will enough of us do it anyway?