Pelosi Plays the “Racism Card” Yet Again

Trump knows Americans don’t like Pelosi’s party rivals.

And he’s not afraid to push that fact as far as it will go.

As usual, Trump’s foes call his attacks on AOC and company racist. They’re still convinced that kind of rhetoric will win… after decades spent calling more and more things by the r-word.

They’ve debased their rhetorical currency… and now they expect it to save them.

A few Dems, like Pelosi, are old enough to know better. She’s seen the same internals that Trump has… swing voters opposed to AOC and her even more extreme allies… opposed to socialism… opposed to everything the radical vanguard on the Left desires.

None of which is going to change by Election Day.

In fact, those trends will only get stronger… as most voting citizens begin to tune in only once the primary season gets going in earnest.


Which is why Pelosi has put out the word to the Dem establishment that it’s time to slap down the crazies Trump is using so effectively and accurately to paint the whole party.

Pelosi’s doing her best… delaying impeachment indefinitely… arranging for Dem party tweets to publicly reprimand AOC’s chief of staff… and quietly warning her fellow liberals to follow her lead or face the consequences.

All while Trump is telling Americans what they already know is true… which is one reason why he’s at or near record support right now. Everyone, including the Left, knows no Democrat has the courage and the power to put AOC and company in their place.

Everyone knows there’s no “Sister Souljah” moment on the horizon this time around.

The Democrats have fully surrendered their moral authority to the radical vanguard that sees whiteness as evil… capitalism as evil… men as evil… and transgendered kids as cause for celebration.

Their cries of racism are being drowned out by realities more potent than rhetoric.

The reality is that almost all Democrats have no plan to fix what our elites have ruined… including our common civic life. Biden is rolling out a new health care plan this week as if Obamacare never happened.

Only Elizabeth Warren is living in the real world… and despite her avalanche of plans, she’s just as beholden to the radicals as anyone else… frantically high-fiving obese drag queens at queer pride parades in a desperate bid to prove she’s politically correct enough to lead.

But Americans don’t want that leadership. They know it’s part and parcel of a crumbling elite empire. Bread and circuses for “progressives” who want to applaud themselves for saying “yes” to everything… but the evils of whiteness, capitalism, and the “patriarchy.”

So Trump will keep tying Pelosi and Warren and Biden and the rest to the radicals on their Left.

And elite Democrats will go down with the ship.