Nobody Can Stop Trump From Getting His Wall

His boldest promise. His biggest meme.

His first veto.

It’s crunch time for Trump’s big beautiful wall.

Or whatever it ends up being.

Right now it’s a big pile of imaginary money. Congressional Republicans handed Trump an irritating, but not stinging, defeat. Enough party members defected to the Dems to slap down his “emergency” bid for wall funding.

Enough hung tough to ensure Trump’s veto of the legislative action won’t be overturned.

And that’s all the proof you need that the wall has always been about more than a tall barrier at the border.


It’s always been less about who’s coming our way—historic numbers of Central Americans desperate to leave their ruinous countries… and more about who’s already here—a bipartisan elite so hungry for the cheapest possible labor that they spun the political wheel on leaving standing law unenforced for generations.

The idea behind the wall was simple. If you can’t beat the entrenched elite on this issue, where can you beat them? And if you can beat them there… well, maybe the shock will be so strong that soon enough you can beat them anywhere.

There’s no question that the situation at the border is an emergency now. The flood of migrants that tapered down over the winter is now spiking to record numbers for spring… set for a mad dash before the summer heat sets in.

But the critics say it wasn’t a crisis before, when Trump first started calling it one.

Never mind the 20-year-plus crisis of the attack on the rule of law perpetrated by our own lawmakers—and the hardened business interests backing them to the hilt.

Never mind the cultural crisis—wave after wave of immigrants surging into a gray zone, denied a proper civics education, and accustomed to life as something other than citizens… calling into question whether a decent life in America really requires citizenship at all.

Of course it doesn’t. Serfs can be quite comfortable in the right kind of welfare state.

And when your measure of decency is Latin America, ravaged by cartels, corruption, and socialism, yeah—life as a “subject” of the administrative state looks pretty good.

But it’s not America.

It’s not the American way.

For all the talk of duty to migrants and newcomers, few dare say the biggest duty we owe is to make those who come to stay fully American.

And not by waving a magic wand. The hard way. Waiting in line. Learning about our country. Pledging their allegiance to the United States of America.

But the elite doesn’t just want cheap labor. It wants people who will never, ever question their rule… or their riches.

That’s why Trump ran on the wall. That’s why he doubled down.

It’s why he won’t quit… and why no one, short of the Supreme Court, can stop him.