New-School Democrats Just Barfed Up Biden and Pelosi, Here’s Why

The impeachment circus shifts into overdrive.

Now who’s the adult in the room?

That’s the awkward question Trump is forcing on the Democrats. He’s ignoring his advisors and beating up on Biden as if the general election were already underway. And with Biden playing it safe, well aware that impeachment will only make Trump stronger, old Joe’s got to sit there and take it. Real presidential.

Then there’s Nancy. No fool, Pelosi knows her party just doesn’t have the juice to knock Trump out the way Republicans went at Clinton, then a much weaker president than Trump is now.

She’s been impeachment shy since day one… rightly obsessed with Dem fortunes at the Congressional level in 2020. Pelosi knows that the radical upstarts in Congress are unpopular, and that impeachment proceedings will only make them—and not her—look in control.

Only of course they won’t be in control. Dems will be flailing all over on national television, as the administration closes ranks and Trump takes blowtorch after blowtorch to the whole sorry mess on social media and at big bad rallies.

Biden and Pelosi want to run with a positive agenda of reuniting America behind the same tired consensus Leftism. They think Trump was just a spasm and a golden pro-Democrat future awaits.


They don’t realize those days are never coming back again—whatever happens to Trump on Election Day.

But they’re both seasoned enough to understand that impeachment is their party’s best hope at returning Trump to office even more powerful than before… with a fresh trail of slaughtered political enemies in his wake—their proud overstuffed legion of White House woulda-beens.

Which means Democrats can’t lead. They can only try to blend in with the scenery or tear down the set. There are no adults in the room—no one who can settle a trusty hand on the helm and spirit us back to the reassuring old days of 2012.

Which means it’s Trump—Trump who stubbornly refuses to stumble into another war; Trump who alone made America realize China had to be put in a box; Trump who knows he’s got a huge headwind behind him of people who understand those who want to go back are utterly out to lunch—yes, it’s Trump who’s the adult in the room now.

And by 2020, he’ll have just about a full four years in the Big Chair under his belt. Stronger than Clinton was at that time (remember Bubba’s disastrous first term?). Stronger even than Bush, who was already mired in Iraq. Yes, stronger than Obama, whose whining and wheedling re-election campaign was saved only by Candy Crowley’s fake news.

That, more than anything, is why the Dems are desperate to impeach. Just so they can feel one last jolt of the juice.

But when the juice box is empty, the tears will flow.