Mueller’s Report Leaves Left Looking Foolish, Again

Mueller comes up empty.

DC is a-froth with analysis, journalists furiously scrambling to make heads or tails of the Mueller report as released—on CD—by Attorney General Barr… which is, politically speaking, a nothing burger.

The swamp is sinking in its own frustration.

They were promised collusion. They were promised treason.

They were promised a kill shot.

What they got was the hardest working G-Man in Washington saying there might be obstruction, but there might not, and there’s no underlying crime, so the Democrats controlling the House have a decision to make.

A decision they do not, in fact, want to make.


To impeach, or not to impeach?

They know they can’t convict. The Senate—specially, Mitch McConnell—won’t have it.

And they know they might not even get enough votes to shame Trump the way Clinton was shamed… ultimately to his advantage, just in time for re-election!

But they can’t do nothing. The crazy base and the desperate establishment will both have a mental meltdown if the Democrats have to spend the rest of their legislative term, you know, actually trying to legislate.

Nancy Pelosi is on the brink as it is. She’s trying to convince people—in and out of the party—that the Democrats aren’t being ruled by the three fringiest and angriest women in Congress… if not the country.

Omar, Tlaib, and Ocasio-Cortez are the only source of a pulse on the Left in the House. And they want nothing less than to found a new government on a new ideology… one that torches the real Founding with a big fat grin.

Or is that a vindictive rage scowl?

So Nancy has to belittle her own little monsters out of one side of her mouth… and talk up the Democrats out of the other… all while insisting no impeachment is going to happen on her watch.

Nice idea, if the Left actually had ideas to vote on or run on.

All they’ve got are aggressive, un-American fantasies.

Welfare for All.

The Green New Deal.

And for Trump? Endless investigations. Subpoenas. Hearings. Grandstanding. Preening. Posturing.

Pumping the flaccid media industrial complex for one last hit of juice.

Even they can’t bear to tune in to CNN, where the horrible truth is plain to see: that well is dry. The media’s only source of ratings is Trump, and no matter how treasonously they slander him as a traitor, Trump endures.

The Left and its media cronies are terrified to discover that Americans just don’t care. They don’t care what Trump did or didn’t do, so long as there’s no collusion and no crime. Handing the country to the Left is simply off the table. It’s just that simple.

Does the Left get it now?

Not yet, no. They still fantasize that America is going to vote for a young gay married Mayor “having” a baby with his partner. That America is going to vote for a power-tripping ex-DA who wants to turn the US into San Francisco. Or a wild eyed old Red socialist. Or a fake Latino empty suit.

They’re still so high on their own supply that they think America wants what they’re selling.

And when they come up as empty as Mueller did in 2020? There’s no telling what they’ll do.