Mueller Showed Just How Weak the Dems Really Are

You know the situation is grave when they bring in Zombie Mueller.

That’s not a dig at the man’s health. In his performance before Congress, he clearly looked unwell… fatigued or worse, hardly the portrait of command and conviction that Democrats hoped to contrast to Trump.

Mueller is old, and he hasn’t testified before Congress for years… likely in part because of the condition he is in. Even young and ambitious people can look disjointed and worn down on the hot seat.

But Democrats are running out of silver bullets to fire at Trump, and they needed to drag Mueller back no matter. They wanted viral videos to spin out of clips from his remarks… which tended toward the monosyllabic.

One of his “biggest” lines was trivially true—that he thought Trump could be charged with a crime once out of office. That’s a technical point: anyone who loses the protections of office can be charged with crimes they couldn’t be otherwise.

So once again the Left has pinned its hopes on an illusion. Just as the Mueller investigation was not enough… and the Mueller report was not enough… now the Mueller testimony won’t be enough to give life to their fantasy and make it real.

Trump endures.


And the message Mueller broadcasts to voters, if any, is that the old guard is fading. He did his job, now he wants to be left the hell alone. Anything more is someone else’s job.

But Nancy Pelosi refuses to impeach.

And the Democrats pushing to destroy the Trump presidency think America is a racist regime and has been since the Founding.

Mueller wants no part of that stupid debate. He’s one of millions of exhausted Americans who want to clock out. But even though he’s the one who still has to dance when Congress calls the tune, he gets a cushy retirement… while ordinary voters have to stick out the rest of their political lives.

They’re still ornery.

They’re still sour on the elite.

And they’re still tired of rich and prestigious people trying to pump messages into their heads.

The whole Mueller saga was hype. And if there’s one thing Americans are losing faith in today, it’s hype. Mueller’s testimony only underscored the point: the lawman doing his job, the loudmouth politicos hectoring and grandstanding in an effort to shake him down on television.

Who cares?

It’s a question Democrats still can’t answer. Their hottest take is that people are just too stupid to care. But it’s the Left that refuses to commit to handling the truth. Their old black magic doesn’t work anymore.

And they can’t raise Muellerrama from the dead.