Michael Avenatti Becomes Latest Victim of “Trump Curse”

The “Resistance” is eating itself.

They couldn’t stand the thought that Mueller’s Friday night news dump was the end of the cloud over Trump. They needed a new god… and they found one in a jiffy. The Southern District of New York.

Well, the SDNY dealt a big fat blow for justice… just not the one the Resistance ever dreamed of.

Welcome to legal hell, Michael Avenatti.

Yes, the New York law dogs chomped down hard on Stormy Daniels’ sleazy-weasel lawyer—hitting him with an extortion charge that makes the opposition to Trump look dumber and sicker than ever.

Avenatti didn’t just try to intimidate people into paying him millions.

He went after some of the wokest players in the biz.


Like Nike. Avenatti warned the Kaepernick-worshipping athletic brand he’d blow a client’s market capitalization out of the water with unflattering disclosures unless the Swoosh paid up.

Guess again, said the SDNY.

Who knows how much Avenatti has lost contact with the real world? But how easy it is to imagine how corrupt are the arrogant people he went after for payola.

That’s the world of the Resistance.

They want to portray Trump as the world’s lone magnet for money grubbing bunglers who’ll do anything for a sniff of power or glamor. Even though Mueller’s crack team and blank check couldn’t deliver the mass indictments the Resistance crew was slavering for.

Which is funny… because dollar-chasing amorality and immorality has been the way of the establishment since roughly the first day if Bill Clinton’s second term. If you weren’t jet setting around with Princess Di and Elton John, you didn’t matter. If you weren’t at Cannes or Davos, you didn’t exist.

If you weren’t on Harvey Weinstein’s guest list…

Or Jeffrey Epstein’s plane…

Come on. We’ve seen the Panama Papers. We know the West took a nice long shower in laundered billions after the elite caused the financial crisis and needed a bailout fast. Where do you think all that money went? Who do you think got so entitled to comfort and pleasure as the perks of power?

For all the follies of the deep state, and all the partisans with a blood vendetta against Trump, there are still more than a few good men ready to pop real white collar criminals when they make that one last mistake.

With the Swamp still far from drained, and the circus show of the Trump investigation in the rear view, they’ll find themselves in a target-rich environment.

“Resist” that… but maybe not without as good a lawyer as money can buy.