Medicare for All? Keep Dreaming

A Nightmare on Main Street.

That’s what the Democrats are offering voters.

Like Freddy Krueger’s ridiculously impractical blade glove, the Left’s delusional dream would be hilarious if it wasn’t so scary… because they might just get what they want.

The big ideas among leading Democrats today? Medicare for All—an unaffordable boondoggle even in good economic times.

The end of the filibuster—a hop skip and a jump away from the goal of the radical Left to scrap the Senate altogether.

And now even Senate Democrats, including candidates for president, want to abolish the Electoral College.

Because direct democracy has always worked out great in human history.


Of course for the Left the “logic” is simple. Demographic destiny means their non-white… anti-white… coalition will win majorities til the cows of history come home. They’ll rule the coasts like emperors.

Citizens will become servants, non-citizens will remain wards of the state, and the red heartland will be re-educated into compliance like China’s concentration-camped Muslim population.

Direct democracy will put America in the carpool lane to despotism.

Is that really what Democrats want? Not if you ask them. Many really still see themselves as the heroic guardians of freedom. They see Trump as the despot.

What they don’t see is the contradiction at the core of their utopian vision of politics.

Because deep down, they think they can’t get anything they want unless they manipulate people with dreams. If they’re not shooting for a fantasy, they think, they can’t mobilize people to support Change.

That’s why Obama won, they think. That’s why identity politics is so important. That’s why the minuscule slice of the population that’s transsexual or “gender fluid” is heroic to them.

It’s all about dreaming up fantasies where nothing you want is off limits… where nothing you want contradicts. Without these crazy dreams, people are just so… conservative.

Meanwhile, in the real world, half of Hispanics polled now approve of Trump’s job performance. Asian Americans are waking up to the loss of the privileged minority status they never really asked for. Blacks are giving Trump a second look in bigger numbers than supported Romney.

Even in the ultimate den of radical craziness, the big tech companies, a right-wing revolt is brewing.

Demographic destiny isn’t. The dream is already dead.

That’s an existential threat to today’s out of control Left. They know they can’t govern on a reality-based platform. They can’t even win votes that way. They’ve sold their souls to the forked-tongued fantasy merchants on their radical fringe.

But they won’t go down without a fight. It would be nice if they got weaker the more they panicked. Unfortunately that’s not the way it works. The Left senses they’re doomed if they don’t seize absolute control over the government, the culture, and the technology they think can rule us all.

They’re coming. And they’re bringing hell with them.

If we want out of their Nightmare on Main Street, we’ve got to fight our way out.