Liberal Policymakers Have Destroyed West Coast Cities

It’s the end of policing as we know it—in America’s most “progressive” cities.

They’ve given up. And given how the coalition of Leftist elites and radical rabble is running their urban enclaves into the ground, it’s almost hard to blame them… almost.

Cities up and down the west coast, and in the “hip” mountain and western states where refugees from the coast are fleeing, are collapsing into open filth.

How are cops supposed to walk the beat when, in San Francisco, ever more streets have to be power hosed clean of human excrement?

How are they supposed to do their jobs when, in Austin, new city rules allow indigents—including junkies—to sleep and even camp on the sidewalks in front of people’s homes?

Can cops in Los Angeles keep public order when while city blocks downtown have become sinkholes of uncollected trash, swarming vermin, and medieval disease?

Denver is so overrun with marijuana that the black market has returned, beating the legal stuff on price and potency, with no law enforcement in sight.


Seattle, by some measures, has the worst homelessness in the country.

In Portland, Antifa rules, running regular street battles with anyone who tries to stop them, including the castrated police department.

And then there’s the Rust Belt and the East Coast… from the war zones of Chicago to Baltimore.

Far Left governance has totally failed our major cities, driving the cost of living ever upward… and the standard of living ever downward for all but the wealthiest—and those who run the municipal governments themselves.

Even low level government workers, however, are struggling to survive. In Southern California, lawmakers want to subsidize public employees who have to live prohibitively far away from the civic buildings they work in.

People are voting with their feet. Cities are losing their populations… and so are states. But in many cases the people leaving are just turning back the clock a few minutes… bringing their same failed ideas and practices to fresh soil… and leaving police departments behind them to pick up the pieces.

It’s unsustainable. Dealing with endless crime and hostility is one thing. Dealing with a breakdown of the most basic public services is another. It’s only a matter of time before police departments start breaking down too… with the more mild mannered or idealistic cops bouncing out, and only the most corrupt or brutal ones sticking around.

It’s the third-world-ization of America… proceeding right on schedule as the Left wanted. Oh, they say they want paradise. But their actions speak louder than words. They want to make America more like the rest of the world. And they’re getting their way.

One defeated cop at a time.