Liberal Elites vs. Socialists – Whoever Wins, We All Lose

The war over Amazon is going to rip the Democrats in two.

But don’t get out the popcorn. The loser is coming for you.

There are two Lefts now. One that just loves the tech giant… and one that hates it. They’re on a collision course, just in time for 2020. Which means it’s a winner take all Battle Royale.

In one corner… the elite liberals who love science and technology because it lets them get rich while paying lip service to equality. For them, equality is like a fake religion. Get the masses into church, hit them with the ritual, then go home and get decadent.

The liberal elite knows that Amazon represents the only future they want to be a part of. One where the largest and most powerful corporations blow away the rural and suburban economy, concentrating all the money, all the voters, all the status, and all the power in just a few square blocks of a few ultra-cities. Just the way they like it.

But there’s another Left now.

In the other corner… the socialist losers who feel betrayed and cheated by the liberal elite. They distrust science and technology so much that they’d rather have its minimum benefits, the better to perfect their “woke” morality. They want power so they can get purity, not wealth.


These two Lefts don’t make a right. They’re irreconcilable.

The elites want growth. They want more. They want to have it all.

The socialists want shrinkage. Less. Lower growth… lower population… lower emissions… lower economic activity… lower testosterone.

They want downward mobility, and lots of it. Forget a safety net. They want a crash pad.

Yes, it’s generational. The Left’s boomer elites still think they can make it be the ’90s forever. They think all they have to do is keep on thinking about tomorrow.

But their children… saddled with debt… struggling to find jobs that mean anything… unable or unwilling to start families… staying medicated and cuddling their pets… know that tomorrow disappeared in the rear view a long time ago.

They don’t trust the elite, Right or Left. They don’t believe the fantasy anymore. Their successful rebellion against Amazon’s bribe-heavy New York City headquarters is proof positive they’re no longer going to the Church of Liberalism.

They’re out in the wilderness, in the socialist revival tent.

Excommunciated. Damned. And ready to fight Like hell.

It’s the atheist version of a religious civil war… Bernie’s barista brigades versus Harris’s power suit posse. Only one side can take control of the crumbling Democrat power structure. One side must lose.

And when they do… they’re going to take revenge on the red blooded Americans who think they have one fewer existential threat to contend with.

The Right had better take some notes from Bezos on upping those T-levels.