Leftist Elites Are Losing Power, so They’re Trying to Scare Us Instead

Don’t listen to our elites. We’re not doomed.

Hit with crisis after crisis, and no idea how it happened, the ruling class is hell bent on convincing you that you still need them just as much as ever. And the only way they can figure to that is by convincing you we’re all screwed without them in charge.

That’s the real “climate change” message: give us all the money and power we ask for, or you die. It’s hostage-taking, with the whole planet. But it can’t happen unless they convince you.

They know there’s no way they can just take control without touching off a revolution. And they’re still dedicated to the hippy-dippy “spiritualism” they came of age with. They’re not super villains bent on ruling the world! They’re all about peace, love, and happiness, maaaan!

Take Jeff Bezos. His whole business vision is fueled by a cosmic dream of going back to nature—back to the garden, as Joni Mitchell put it. We humans are just too dirty and dumb to be trusted. Give us an inch, and WE destroy the world. Yep: humanity, us, is the super villain.

Which makes him the superhero, the demigod. “The reason we go to space in my view is to save the Earth,” Bezos explained in a new interview. According to CNBC, which covered the chat, “while he doesn’t expect this to happen in his lifetime, he believes that in future generations, humankind needs to move heavy industry off Earth, and leave Earth as our residence.”

Green. Pure. Workless. Complete.


It’s the Garden of Eden all right. And only he and his fellow elites are perfect enough to cleanse the planet of our sins.

Sounds great—if only it didn’t run contrary to 4,000 years of human history.

What the airy-fairy elites don’t get is they give us too little credit and themselves way too much. We’re all imperfect and prone to succumb to evil, it’s true. But so are they… no matter how polished their intentions and how golden their dreams.

Their best laid plans treat us like beasts and treat themselves like gods… with no place for real humans, or the real God.

Meanwhile, here on the real planet Earth, we know we’re fortunate to still have what it takes to keep the wheels from flying off the wagon. We know the elite’s track record is so pathetic that we have little choice but to do better. And we know we’re smart enough NOT to try to build the Tower of Babel… or pull Heaven down to Earth.

Unlike the Bezos-style big brains trying to master the world, we’re smart enough to understand that we’re not angels or devils… and our fate is in the hands of a just God, not a crazy cabal of super nerds.