It’s Time to Make up Your Mind, Joe

Biden is blowing it.

Why does he wait?

He said he was going to decide last year whether he’d run for president. Then he said he’d decide by… well, now.


Soon, his people say.

But it’s not soon anymore. It’s late. Younger, crazier, seemingly hungrier Democrats are coming out of the woodwork… desperate to end the reign of… who?

Not just the president—or his biggest fans.


Not just conservatives—even the ones who hate Trump.

Not just Republicans—like Mitch McConnell.

Not just independents—who Dems think are all closet conservatives.

No… Biden’s competition is out to destroy all those groups, plus Biden’s own. Old men. White men. Powerful men. Guys in suits who don’t make socialism, social justice, progressivism, “intersectionality,” or climate panic the centerpiece of their every utterance.

That’s what Biden represents to the competition… even if they’re just looking, like Beto O’Rourke, to be the last white guy in charge of the Big Ship White House.

They think Biden and his old white men’s club is weak. They think it only takes one strong kick to knock them out of power—not just this election cycle, but for good.

But they know time is short. They’re terrified that Trump will wind up satanically stronger than ever (thanks to the failures of the old white men running the FBI, the SDNY, and the rest of the Deep State).

They know they’ve got to grab the Democrats by the short hairs, force them to nominate a wild eyed extremist, and force them to LIKE it.

Joe’s been able to drag his feet because too many Democrats are quietly dying to avoid choking down canned veggies like Kamala Harris or Cory Booker. But that was then. Waiting now means feeding the memes that the old white men are white bread toast.

It’s only a matter of time before one of the Leftist insurgents steps up and tells Biden publicly his services to his country won’t be needed anymore.

And will he stand up then? Hmm, hah, what did you say there whippersnapper? Try to shut down what it’s too late to stop, and get lectured to death for trying to “silence” a woman or person of color, put them in their place?

That’s no way to win. It’d be the nail in Joe’s political coffin… and a big old arrow in the quiver of Donald Trump and his allies, who are ready and willing to stand up for the idea that older, whiter Americans shouldn’t be hounded from office or made to sit in the corner at the re-education camp.

Is anyone cluing in Biden? He’s already lost some impatient advisors. Maybe he’ll get some new ones who understand what’s at stake.

Yes, it’s come to this: Obama’s Vice President is America’s firewall against a royal fan-hitting of crazy.

Buckle up.