Is This the Best the Democrats Really Have to Offer for 2020?

It’s a race to the bottom.

The bottom of the experience barrel.

The Left wants its own Trump—someone who commands attention from as far outside the system as they can get. But there’s only one Trump.

So the candidates with the biggest war chests are all white guys. The Three B’s. Biden, Bernie, and Beto.

How are they doing?

Biden almost accidentally announced he was running, prompting Trump to describe him as a “low IQ individual.”

Bernie still controls a big chunk of the base… but a smaller share than last go around. Trump says he’s “missed his time.”


Ramming the point home, Beto outraised Bernie. But Trump made him look like a fool in their dueling rally-off in El Paso.

So the Left is nervous. They know Biden has a lot to answer for—once-moderate liberal policies that are now ideologically prohibited by the socialist justice police.

Beto’s awkward history shows the same problems too. He got his start dependent on GOP money in Texas… and his positions on hot-button issues showed it.

Even Bernie takes heat for his relatively squishy position on guns.

It just won’t do to let one of the Left’s leading white guys define the post-Trump party. That’s what the woke warriors say. But what happens when the candidates outdo one another in renouncing and repudiating their old ways? Will they be found wanting even if they do everything right?

Then what happens? A weak, bottom-tier candidate would be the only one who could win the extremist primary. That’s Kamala Harris’s dream. She’s got enough trouble in her own record to hope she can skate through on identity and ideology alone.

So the Three B’s know they have to do more to defend themselves than attack each other. Beto publicly cheered the prospect of Biden’s entry. Neither man wants to go after Bernie.

That’s how the Democrats have managed to create exactly the opposite of what their big response to Trump was supposed to be. The idea was simple. Finally the minority-majority coalition of nonwhites and rabid feminists would get a mandate to blow Trump’s legacy—and the rest of Western civilization’s—into the history books.

Instead, the Left has pushed its three leading white guys to the top of the heap, then given them every reason to band together and clear the field before fighting for the spoils among themselves.

It’s already clear the base hates Biden most. We already know the party elite can’t stomach Bernie. That leaves the biggest lightweight of them all, the biggest white-guy weenie, the Annie Liebovitz candidate, Robert O’Rourke.

Right at the bottom of the barrel.

The Left’s quest for its own Trump is over before it began.

And the freakout to come will be epic.