Is the Electoral College Outdated? Some Blue States Seem to Think So

They’re coming for the Republic.


Hitting it where they think it’s the weakest.

Right in the Electoral College.

Colorado is the latest state—there are now twelve, plus the District of Columbia—to pass a law joining a new anti-College coalition, calling itself the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Gov. Jared Polis says the venerable institution, which has decided multiple elections against the popular vote-getter, is “undemocratic.”

Yes, Governor. That’s the point.


The point is that direct national elections are plebiscites, contrary to the function of the Republican form of government the Constitution promises to safeguard for all Americans.

The Founders knew national direct democracy was a disaster. They blamed its crazed passions and lurching laws for making a mess of ancient Athens. They knew that politics in a democracy was too unstable and violent to be trusted… and that only representative democracy provided an alternative that could preserve our liberty.

Not like today’s Democrats give a tinker’s damn about liberty.

That’s how they can cheer along Polis and company, who proudly boast their states now account for more than 180 of the 270 electoral votes still needed to win the White House.

By their unhinged reasoning, that’s a majority right there. Enough to scrap the Electoral College based on the “will of the people.”

But that would actually credit the electoral system with some numerical legitimacy. Can’t have that. Even though they’re gunning to win over the states with the biggest electoral prizes.

That’s the Left for you. The same party that tolerates “intellectual” wingnuts calling for the abolition of the Senate. The same party that sees California as a model… not just for America, but the world.

They’re playing with fire, but they’re too uneducated to see it.

They’re certain they know so much more than the Founders. They’re sure that, even if they don’t, History knows better than anyone.

Just wait for them to consult their bogus progressive idea of History and discover that democracy itself is an old idea cooked up by European men.

What’ll they do then? Probably not pick up the Federalist Papers and read the best critique of democracy ever written in America. Probably not come to their senses and become humble defenders of our Constitutional republic.

No, they’ll probably skip right on to tyranny.

One of a brand-new kind, the latest gift from the “arc of history” Obama was always talking about.

One with robots, maybe. Round the clock censorship… perfect surveillance… an endless appetite to consume and store all the information about every single thing you do… everything about who you are.

No limit. No end. No escape.

At this rate, Americans of the future will be crying for the Electoral College.

If they still remember it used to exist.