Is Higher Education Even Worth the Trouble Anymore?

Burn down the schools?

It’s not a radical rallying cry anymore. Now it’s conservatives leading the charge against university administrators and the faculty industrial complex.

The Left got what it wanted with higher education… brainwashing centers where parents pay top dollar to have their kids coddled emotionally, passed around sexually, and culturally transformed into social justice warriors.

But these perpetual children are increasingly unemployable and unmarriagable, larded with debts they cannot discharge and burdened with the knowledge they are unfit to raise healthy children.

Their view is they were economically betrayed by their university masters. They want their indoctrination free. Their debts forgiven. Their worthless degrees converted into golden tickets for “woke” corporate jobs like Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion or Regional Human Resources Manager.

And that’s not all. They want endless free access to the best therapy and the best meds. They want free rein to protest at the slightest provocation, to ban whatever speech that “hurts” them.

But it’s the professors and the administrators who are even further to the Left.


The dirty secret of college is how many students are hopeless, adrift, and long for a simple stable life, one more focused on family flourishing than on politics and polygamy. These kids morosely crank out whatever ideological junk is demanded of them, hoping to make it safely to graduation.

All while government dollars flow and flow into the vast treasuries of the most coveted campuses.

We’ve created a monster, one pumping hordes of little monsters into the ruling super cities of the new America. Ruled by people who hate America and want to replace it with an unfree system of compulsory celebration and mind-killing busy work.

If the college system was a spider in the house, it would not be the kind you scoop up humanely and toss back outside.

It would be the kind you smash in the corner with the butt end of your broom. The kind you stomp with a shudder.

Our academies have turned against us. We pay them to ruin our children.

And they’re rushing as fast as they can to stop us from mounting a counter attack. Just this week, news has come down that the SAT will be adding an “adversity score” to weight students’ actual performance.

How can we trust the people who have betrayed us and our country to get such a measurement system right? How will we react when it becomes a new law of the land?

Conservatives are supposed to defend tradition. But on campus anyway, conservatives have failed.

Plan B? Strike a match.