Is American Tech the “Enemy of the People”?

Silicon Valley in the doghouse.

But will it have any impact?

President Trump tweets about how hard Google is working to convince him it isn’t biased against him and in favor of China. Peter Thiel seems to have convinced Trump to investigate the tech giant. Conservatives are screaming that the big platforms shut them up and shut them down. Employees who dare to speak out internally are fired.

That’s on the Right. But it doesn’t end there.

Leftist activists are angry at Google for all the contractors it pays lower than employee wages, with lack of benefits to match. Democrats are furious that so many Trump supporters—and sickos who cheer on mass shooters—lurk online all day. The Left wants to shut down everyone online to the right of Mitt Romney.

Facebook is getting heat from both sides. Twitter is descending into unreadable rage, centered on irrelevant debates like whether the New York Times should have written a different headline to condense Trump’s shooting reaction into a few-word slug. Online fanatics screeched, and the Times dashed off different verbiage. Who cares?

But everyone should care about the fight over Big Tech. The Left expected Silicon Valley to hand them control of the world. The Right expected the tech lords to be just another bunch of conventional entrepreneurs. Both sides have been totally let down… made fools of.


And Big Tech has laughed all the way to the bank… while millions of Americans have been herded into never-ending gripe fests. Now everyone is both the television and the guy in the chair yelling at it. Very profitable to the tech corps… not so much to America.

Except that America’s economy is all but dependent on Silicon Valley. Republicans stress about that. And the industries the Left has totally taken over… media, advertising, beauty, entertainment… are the most dependent of all. That has Democrats freaked.

Just in time for an election year… one both sides see as having the highest stakes in living memory. And as the public debate gets ever more vicious, toxic, and fruitless… both sides understand that online rage can make or break a presidential campaign.

So the Tech Left is going to keep tightening the screws on the Right… and their political allies will keep smearing conservatives as e-Nazis.

And the Right is going to keep fighting over whether to protect “private industry” or retaliate patriotically.

And voters are going to realize that 2020 will be a referendum on whether the internet will be for American values or against them.