How the Far Left Lost America at the Democrat Debates

Their offer is this: nothing.

That’s what the far Left candidates at the Democrat debates had for the “moderate” pearl-clutchers with their panties in a perpetual twist over Trump. To the Left, anyone to the right of Pete Buttigieg is Trump. They can go straight to hell.

The Left ran amok in both debates, with the interchangeable white guys blathering meaninglessly like the irrelevant fools they are. The Democrats now belong to the radical vanguard of their party.

And only Joe Biden can stop them. But Biden, failing his wing of the party and the sizable majority of Dem voters still behind him, blinked and bungled his rejoinder to Kamala Harris’s big, pre-planned attack.

Harris, who sees herself as the avatar of the new America coming to replace the one we’ve had since the Founding, showed no mercy in trying to nuke Biden morally off the stage. He’s yet another old white guy, she all but screamed from the stage. Worthless and replaceable, just like the others.

Mr. Civility couldn’t handle that. He tried to cling to a middle ground between slapping her down and fully capitulating. But someone with Biden’s identity isn’t “allowed” to put someone with Harris’s identity in her place anymore, not in the Democrat party.

On the other hand, Biden knows he’s still winning, and he’s earned his lead more than any of the radicals. So he’s not prepared to sit down and shut up.


Neither are Democrats as a party, no matter how much the far Left acts like revolutionaries who have seized control.

But if the majority of Democrats who don’t want to be radicalized by losers lack a champion in the primary race, the lunatic Left really will take over the asylum… and Biden will go down in history as the man who lost the party to people with more respect for gay pride parades than Fourth of July parades.

You’d think one of the many empty-suit Dems trying to run a traditional campaign might try to seize the opportunity and step forth as the champion of normal American Democrats. But these guys can’t lead. Trump makes them look like teenagers.

So Democrats desperate for sanity will turn to the one candidate who so many of them wrongly thought was responsible for bringing today’s insanity down around their heads…

That candidate? Donald J. Trump.

The social justice warriors who dominated the Democrat debates are radicalizing the American people, all right.

Just not the way they dare imagine.