How Gen Z is Making America Great Again

Will the mallrats make America great again?

In a shock new poll, 95 percent of Generation Z members—that’s the kids younger than the millennials—went to a mall last year. And more than three in four preferred it to shopping online.

For the millennials, who came of age amid peak social media and peak liberal dreams, the mall is a harsh and outdated reminder of the economic and emotional plenty they enjoyed as kids… goods snatched away as they grew up and grew disillusioned without being able to reach adulthood.

Today’s teens and tweens are different. With social media waning and shopping cheap ironic fun, it’s cool again to hang out in public, blow some pocket money, and roam the vast spaces of the suburban interior the millennials abandoned for a downwardly mobile urban existence.

The kids still spend time on social media, but not in the padded cells and safe spaces the big tech platforms have created to push ads on Obama-bots.

They’re in next generation video chats like Tik Tok, or in video game streaming and networking sites like Twitch or Discord, where it’s usually about keeping it light with goofy banter… but the politics runs toward the riotously politically incorrect.

Or even the relatively reactionary.


Kids these days may not be very well educated in civics, but they’re largely free of the cloying, suffocating policing of thoughts and emotions that defines the millennial experience. They’ve grown up with an internet where pretty much everything on screen isn’t supposed to be taken seriously… from Trump to CNN and all in between.

They’ve grown up laughing at disposable but freely expressive memes that trade causally with the kooky insurgent tropes from the online communities that supported Trump.

They’re underprepared to take their place as citizens. But their minds are not captive to social justice programming like the sheep stuck on the Facebook or Google plantation.

In sheer numbers, the millennials are the biggest generation around. But their identity is fractured, their mood is brittle, and their political power has yet to be fully tested.

They haven’t coalesced around one candidate. Even on the Left, deep divisions exist between men and women, and between cool guys and nerds or losers who feel frozen out by the glamor and status and wealth of the politically correct elite.

Crazy as it might seem, the Left millennials might never get to control the White House.

What looked like the largest mass movement of brainwashed kids in American history might well be shunted aside by the new mallrats… much crazier, freer kids half their age.