How College Sports Exposed Cultural Decay

What will kill college sports first?

Fantasy or reality?

The fantasy is that social justice warriors can create a perfect society… or at least a morally revolutionary one… by slaying collegiate athletics as we know it.

They’ve already set about destroying sex segregated sports and reaching false parity between men’s athletics and women’s.

Now they’re bumping off every college’s politically incorrect mascot. Colonials. Prospectors. Pioneers. Chiefs. None is without sin.

And on social media word is the mascots are going down because the SJWs have cowed the campuses into accepting their totalitarian rule.

But there’s another factor.


The reality is that all sports are feeling dumber… inessential… in an era when our biggest institutions are not just going “woke” but doing so because they are collapsing.

Campus kids are aware that the adults they should be able to count on to point the way into the future are stumped, scared, and stupid.

If you’re 21 years old and you’re not delusional, you know you don’t have the luxury of checking out on a diet of entertainment… whether it’s kinky woke pornography or red blooded American pro stadium sports.

The thought of parking it in front of the television and cracking open a cold one… or hanging at the local doing well shots in sports jerseys… just lacks the life it once had. Even Super Bowl advertisements now feel like relics of a bygone era.

Blame smartphones, not social justice ignoramuses.

Today kids are learning that fame is mostly for troubled people screwing up publicly… and that it doesn’t even pay in cash. Early career football players are retiring rather than suffer on the gridiron. When even top corporations no longer command great loyalty and inspire dedication, even the biggest and best pro franchises look clownish and trivial.

And because the mainstream is dead and niches are where all the action is, sports are paradoxically crazy competitive even in their most obscure and arcane forms. Even as audiences tune out and money melts away for most, a tiny few pour their whole lives into narrow athletic interests. There’s no space for amateurs even if they wanted to mix it up.

So why get worked up at all about the death of the goofy costumed character running up and down the sidelines? The SJWs want to replace the old mascots with politically correct ones, no doubt, just as they want to replace all things that way.

What they’ll discover is more people would rather replace them with nothing.

Kids these days might be turning into adults faster than it seems.