Goodnight, Mr. Mueller

Bye Bob.

Mueller’s done—literally. Closing up shop. Retiring from the Justice Department. No questions taken. Not now… and, in all likelihood, not ever.

Not in the big glossy cover story profiles the desperate media craves. Not in front of Congress, in the drama-heavy hearings movie-addled Democrats still dream they’ll use to bring down the president.

Like that—poof—Mueller is gone… and with him the last delusional hopes of erasing Trump from America.

They couldn’t imagine Trump would win. They certainly didn’t dare believe that once he won, their power would start to crumble. So heads are caving in now that Mueller’s investigation, which was “certain” to blow Trump back to the outer boroughs, has resulted in the total opposite…

Not just a complete shutdown, but a reversal into a counter-investigation against the Deep State goons who just couldn’t leave Trump’s fate to Mueller himself. A day of reckoning for the witch hunters unlike any they’ve ever seen.

And the shell shocked Democrats in Congress? Oh, they’re still trying for impeachment… the fringe, that is.


Most Dems can’t get their act together in an election year when they actually have to run on their achievements—none—and their ideology—totally beholden to the “whiteness is evil” crew. So it’s only the crazies who can pound the table for proceedings against POTUS.

Then there’s the GOP fringe… featuring poor Justin Amash, in his zippie sweater and Jeb! glasses, spouting warmed over libertarian outrage. If only he had a base bigger than a progressive rock convention… if only he had any idea how to make America great again… maybe he’d at least sound more serious. But no. All he has is a sense of moral superiority.

But the American people are sick and tired of soft leaders telling them to eat their vegetables. To measure up to their standards. To say their words, and celebrate their causes. To spend and work to fight for a seat at their table… well, at the kiddie table, anyway. Or else be heaped with scorn and contempt.

The people haven’t rebelled because they see Trump as a god or an emperor… or because they’re sick of leadership.

It’s simply because we did what they told us for a quarter century, and the result was a heap of trouble. They got rich… and soft… and we got hard luck. Hard times. The worse things got the more they lectured us. Deplored us, even.

No more. It’s just that simple.

They’re done. The end. Just like Mueller’s career.